Where do you live? Istanbul, Turkey.

Why do you write in English? I spent 6 of my childhood / teenage years living in the States so English became close to my mother language. I feel really comfortable using it through a platform where I can reach out to more people.

Why did you start blogging? Blogging is not as popular as how it's abroad but one day I came across a blog that reached out to me so much that I wanted to reach out to others the same way. I loved the idea of sharing my interests with others who might be similar to me. Also, sharing my photographs on a public platform always gives me joy. To inspire others and to be inspired from them.

Where does the name Chamomile Dealer come from? Well I started this blog in Spring and that year I was pretty much obssessed with chamomiles so I decided it would fit very well with my blog.

When did you start photography? It hasn't always been with me I could tell you that but I did start when I was 12. I went to this field trip with my school to Greenkill NY YMCA Camp and I took my mothers film camera with me as we didn't have a digital one back then and it felt amazing to photograph. I still have the photos from that trip.

Can I use your photos on my website, blog, etc.? You can use my photos as long as you credit them back to me and it's always good to give me a heads up.

What kind of camera do you use? I use my Nikon D3100 which I got 2 years ago. I really didn't have much info on DSLR's so I just went with one that could get me started off. I'm pretty fond of it but it does have it's limits. For film photography I have a wide range of cameras to choose from. My favorites from my collection are Zenit 122, Smena 8m, Canon EF-M. 

How do you edit your photos? I don't really limit myself to any program. I use Picassa, Photoscape, Photoshop etc.

Do you accept Sponsors? Yes. Contact me if interested.