Istanbul Is A Photographers Dream

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hello everybody! I know I'm back with another photography post but I just have so many to share from last week. I had a job interview on Wednesday and I knew I would hate myself if I didn't take my camera with me. The interview was on the other side of Istanbul about 2,5 hours away from home so while I went to the Asian side I definitely had a bit of exploring in mind. I have lived in the European side my entire life so it has always been hard for me to go across the Bosphorus knowing I would be letting go many hours of my life to traffic. So I would be honest if I said I probably only went about 10 times in my life but who's counting anyway. Everytime that I do happen to go I always try to make the best of it. 

After the interview I headed to Üsküdar to have late breakfast and while I sat there I made some friends with the seagulls that were basically just sitting on the edge of the cafe I was eating at and staring at me. After having my breakfast I headed to Kuzguncuk which is a lovely neighborhood in Üsküdar. I just walked around the streets and took photos of the lovely houses. After that I found myself at the coast looking over to the Bosphorus bridge. I had a bagel with me so I threw some at the birds and took some photos of them flying towards the bridge. It was a calm and relaxing moment that made me appreciate life even more than I already do.

From there I took a bus to Kadıköy. I got some really amazing photos there of the boats and birds flying above and went through cute alleys to find somewhere to get a cup of tea. After that I hopped on to the ferry and crossed to the European side. From there I headed to Balat which is another neighborhood with colorful houses, narrow streets and cute shops. I could only stay there for a short time beacuse I hadn't realized how cold it got and it had been a long day so I decided to head back home. I did manage to get a few photos though so it wasn't all for nothing.

♡ Hope you enjoyed this post! See you next time ♡
Elif x


  1. This looks amazing! You're good with the camera :)

  2. Istanbul looks incredible! I've always wanted to go!

    Grace xx

  3. Your photos are gorgeous! Makes me want to go there :) xx

  4. Istanbul looks like such a beautiful city, it is definitely one of my goals to visit one day! I hope the interview went well!

  5. Amazing pictures! Looks incredible, beauty place. -

  6. As someone who is planning a trip to Istanbul right now, these photos are making me so envious that i'm not going there sooner! And as always your creative eye and photographs are perfect.

    xo miriam

  7. Istanbul's wooden houses are my absolute favourite, and definitely not an architectural style that I expected to see there.