Istanbul Is A Photographers Dream

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hello everybody! I know I'm back with another photography post but I just have so many to share from last week. I had a job interview on Wednesday and I knew I would hate myself if I didn't take my camera with me. The interview was on the other side of Istanbul about 2,5 hours away from home so while I went to the Asian side I definitely had a bit of exploring in mind. I have lived in the European side my entire life so it has always been hard for me to go across the Bosphorus knowing I would be letting go many hours of my life to traffic. So I would be honest if I said I probably only went about 10 times in my life but who's counting anyway. Everytime that I do happen to go I always try to make the best of it. 

After the interview I headed to Üsküdar to have late breakfast and while I sat there I made some friends with the seagulls that were basically just sitting on the edge of the cafe I was eating at and staring at me. After having my breakfast I headed to Kuzguncuk which is a lovely neighborhood in Üsküdar. I just walked around the streets and took photos of the lovely houses. After that I found myself at the coast looking over to the Bosphorus bridge. I had a bagel with me so I threw some at the birds and took some photos of them flying towards the bridge. It was a calm and relaxing moment that made me appreciate life even more than I already do.

From there I took a bus to Kadıköy. I got some really amazing photos there of the boats and birds flying above and went through cute alleys to find somewhere to get a cup of tea. After that I hopped on to the ferry and crossed to the European side. From there I headed to Balat which is another neighborhood with colorful houses, narrow streets and cute shops. I could only stay there for a short time beacuse I hadn't realized how cold it got and it had been a long day so I decided to head back home. I did manage to get a few photos though so it wasn't all for nothing.

♡ Hope you enjoyed this post! See you next time ♡
Elif x

Belgrad Forest in Fog

Friday, March 11, 2016

Hello everybody! I finally had the time to sit down and edit these photos I took at the forest a week ago. It was hard to wake up that morning but I knew I had to get moving when I saw that it was foggy. Fog gives a lot of depth to a photo and I knew if we went to the forest we would get some great shots. My mom and I bought baugettes (and other ingredients) so we could make sandwiches when we got to the forest and hit the road. Once we got there we made and ate our breakfast and started exploring. The weather was crisp and the forest was quiet and peaceful. It actually took my breath away because it was incredible to feel the nature when you're always surrounded by the city. We went through places we've never been to before and worried that our car might get stuck in mud and we would have to be rescued. It was quite an adventure but all worth it. After exploring the quiter parts of the forest we drove up to where people usually go to walk. We joined the crowd and walked 7 km and returned home. We were quite tired but it was a great end to the weekend!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Tell me in the comments which photo you like best <3
Elif x

8 Things About Winter

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hello everybody! We are leaving the first season of the year behind us and even though it's hard to get through it we have done it somehow. A lot of people have a love / hate relationship with the Winter season. I on the other hand feel like I'm in between. I don't like the days being shorter and darker or the weather being unbearably cold but we can't change those things so we always have to make the best of it. The things I want to change about Winter actually enable me to find things that I love about it. 

Lighting candles is my favorite. They warm up and illuminate the room and leave a great smell. Great mood booster for the short and dark days.
 Cozy sweaters are my go to clothing item. I love every kind of sweater but I find that the bigger they are the cozier they get.
Hot chocolate to save the day! Definitely my favorite drink of the season. It warms my insides and I love to put marshmellows on it, which makes it tastier. 
 Even though snow makes life harder since Istanbul is a crowded city no one can deny the fact that it just makes it look magical. 
 I wear perfumes all year long but I love them more during the colder months. I feel like it smells better since my skin is cooler and it doesn't mix with other bodily smells. 
 I love sitting on the couch with a cozy blanket over me and watch movies. 
 Best way to warm up after a cold day is to take a hot shower. I love steaming the bathroom and just feeling relaxed. 
 It's so much fun to decorate and cook delicious food and just welcome the new year with family.

I know there is probably more things that I love about the season but these are just some of the things on the top of my list. Hope you enjoyed this post! Tell me in the comments; What do you guys love about Winter?

Elif x