Photo an Hour // Belgrad Forest 14.02.2016

Friday, February 19, 2016

08:30 / Woke up, got ready and we were off to Belgrad!
09:30 / Started to see some pretty roads.
10:30 / Ate breakfast at Sarıyer and drank some tea afterwards while looking out to Bosphorus.
11:30 / Started our 6+ km walk around the forest.
12:30 / Found a secluded part of the lake in the forest and gave my mom the camera to take some photos. These two are my favorites!
13:30 / Arrived at a lovely spot near the end of our walk and I stopped to rest for a few minutes.
14:30 / After finishing our long walk we left the forest and headed back home.
15:30 / Stopped by my grandmas house to have a bite to eat.
16:30 / Watered my lovely plants!
After the last shot I got a call from my internet provider saying that someone would stop by to fix the issue we've been having for a while. Even though we were given a certain time the person did come later than what was said. After waiting for that to be over I changed into comfy clothes and dozed off. I didn't sleep but I just couldn't bring myself up from the couch I was laying on. I guess I was more tired than I thought. That's the reason why I missed all the hours after the last one so hopefully you don't mind the early ending <3

Elif x


  1. Oh what I would give to drink tea overlooking the Bosphorus every day :) I really love Istanbul!

  2. I love these Photo An Hour posts so much. That forest looks like a dream!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  3. This looks like such a lovely day. The forest looks so picturesque!

  4. Gorgeous pics! Love the shot of the tea and the one of your beautiful flowers. :)

  5. You take absolutely stunning photos, do you mind me asking what camera you use? The quality is some of the best I've seen on blogs!!

    Lots of love, Vanessa / xx