Photo an Hour // Belgrad Forest 14.02.2016

Friday, February 19, 2016

08:30 / Woke up, got ready and we were off to Belgrad!
09:30 / Started to see some pretty roads.
10:30 / Ate breakfast at Sarıyer and drank some tea afterwards while looking out to Bosphorus.
11:30 / Started our 6+ km walk around the forest.
12:30 / Found a secluded part of the lake in the forest and gave my mom the camera to take some photos. These two are my favorites!
13:30 / Arrived at a lovely spot near the end of our walk and I stopped to rest for a few minutes.
14:30 / After finishing our long walk we left the forest and headed back home.
15:30 / Stopped by my grandmas house to have a bite to eat.
16:30 / Watered my lovely plants!
After the last shot I got a call from my internet provider saying that someone would stop by to fix the issue we've been having for a while. Even though we were given a certain time the person did come later than what was said. After waiting for that to be over I changed into comfy clothes and dozed off. I didn't sleep but I just couldn't bring myself up from the couch I was laying on. I guess I was more tired than I thought. That's the reason why I missed all the hours after the last one so hopefully you don't mind the early ending <3

Elif x

How Blogging Affected My Life

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hello everybody! I wanted to talk about blogging and how it affected my life over the past four years that I've been a blogger. I started blogging in a time when I had just started university and after a few months I had some health issues which lasted a long time. In order to get my mind off my situation I started reading blogs and interacted with bloggers way before I had the courage to start my own. There was one particular blog that just got me fixated on the idea that I could have my own blog as well. So I wrote my first post and sent it over to my sister, who at the time was studying abroad, right after I published it. She told me she enjoyed reading it and her support has been amazing since day one! Even though I don't blog regularly, writing a post and then hitting that publish button has been the greatest feeling. Now after four years I could say that blogging has had a positive impact on my life.

At the time I had just bought a new dSLR and starting a blog gave me a reason to bring it out more. It was a time of trial and error. I took photos that I thought were amazing when they weren't but within time it all changed. Having a blog helped me improve my photography skills. I take lighting, composition, props etc. into consideration and I aim for clear and bright shots using daylight to take quality photos. It also helped me improve my writing. Since my native language is Turkish it's always great to come over to my blog and start writing in English. It's a great way for me to always practice and never forget what I have learned!

During these past four years I have chatted with and met a lot of new people. Some still blog today and some have gone off to do other things. After getting quite confident with my blog I joined chats on Twitter like #bbloggers, #lbloggers, #fbloggers and these chats have grown and new ones like #TheGirlGang, #crazybloggers have emerged from creative minds and also became a community for bloggers. I have also worked with lovely brands that had a professional approach to people they wanted to work with while some only cared about self interest. It was all a great experience for me and I met so many people through these interactions which I will never regret.

Having so many creative people around me really inspired me to keep on blogging. Being around bloggers and reading blogs became a source of inspiration. It also made me realize that if I can be inspired by others maybe I could inspire others too. This aim to inspire others enabled me to be more creative. I tried various kinds of posts over the years and never fit my blog into one category. I've come to realize that quality is better than quantity when it comes to numbers. There are days I want to quit blogging because I can't find myself to be inspired or creative enough to blog but I always take time off and write a post when I feel that I am ready to. It's been a great way for me to always feel fresh and happy with my blog content!

This journey has been great so far and I can't wait to see what it holds for me in the future! Hopefully my experience will stay positive until the end. Thanks for reading <3

Elif x