Walking in a winter wonderland

Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello everybody! It's my first post of the year!! Can't believe it's 2016 now and that the first day is actually almost over. In all honesty I am glad 2015 is over because it was a tough year for me. I'm not going to get into my problems online so I'll just say welcome to the new year which I hope has good things in store for me. Also I wish you all the bestest year as well. May all your dreams and wishes come true :) 

It was snowing all day yesterday and after an hour of starting our first day of the year my sister, her friend and I decided to go out and make a snowman. It was so peaceful because nobody else was outside but us. We made a huge snowman and took a couple of photos and went back in our cosy home around 1:30am and slept soon after. I woke up today to the sun shining through the window and looked out to see the most beautiful view. Everywhere was white and it was sparkling because of the sun. It was breathtaking. I knew I had to take photos today but it was a last minute decision to do an ootd.

Isn't this coat the cutest? It was given to me by my sister as a present for New Years. It kept me warm all day today and it looks lovely. It is so hard for me to look fashionable and stay warm at the same time during winter because my winter clothes are pretty ordinary but now that I have this coat I can actually do both! Anyways the beanie and the headphones were given to me by my mom. We actually picked these together because she wanted to get me things I needed but she wanted to give them to me on New Years Eve. Of course I used them both today and I love them so much already. 
I am so greatful to have spent another year with lots of love, strength and inspiring & exciting moments. I hope none of these are absent from my life in the future. And I hope the future holds great things for all of us <3

Spread kindness and take care of YOURSELF.

Coat: Mango
Beanie: H&M
Sweater: H&M
Leggings: H&M
Headphones: Urbanears

Elif x


  1. i love your pants :) happy new year! may you have another great year dear :")

    xoxo, rae

    1. Thanks for commenting! Happy new year to you too :) x

  2. What beautiful photos! I adore snow, and how magical it makes everything look. It hasn't snowed here yet this winter but I'm hoping it will soon! That coat is very cute, and looks nice and warm too. Happy New Year!

    1. I didn't think it would snow here so soon but I am glad it did! Hopefully you'll get some snow soon too. Thank you for commenting <3 Happy new year to you too Sarah!

  3. This is such a lovely outfit and these are some of the cutest snow pictures I've ever seen! Girl, you are beautiful!