Editing For Instagram

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hello everybody! Even though I actually don't have a huge following on Instagram, once in a while I get asked about my editing. I thought that sharing a few tips on the blog might be a cool idea. Before I get into the list of things I do, I want to say that for me it doesn't matter what I take my photos with for Instagram. I could take it with my dSLR or iPhone and as long as the quality is how I want it to be then I can work with it. Also I want to say that, I truly enjoy social platforms where I can lose my self in creativity and isolate myself from the world a little and that is what Instagram has been for me.

My Editing Process

1. After taking a photo I open it up in VSCO to start editing. The app offers a lot of features from filters to other things like brightness, contrast etc. It comes with a couple of free filters which in my opinion are some of their best ones.

2. If my photo is underexposed then I will bring the exposure up because I like to have that brightness that I couldn't achieve when I first took the photo. And I like to have at least a bit of contrast because I like the sharp look it gives. If the exposure of my photo is how I like it then I don't play with it at all. It's just a matter of when and where I took the photo. If I need to go more into detail with editing brightness, contrast etc. I open Snapseed. Snapseed is another cool editing app which allows you to choose an area and just work on that part which is a great feature to have.

3. Then I choose a filter on VSCO. Recently I have been mostly using A6 which is a free filter and J5, J2 from The Minimalist Collection which I purchased a few months ago. The other filters I sometimes like to use are HB2 and SE3 which are also free filters. I like to use the same filters for all my photos because I like to have a certain color scheme for my Instagram feed.

4. After choosing a filter I do a bit more adjustments if needed and then check the temperature of my photo. I usually like cooler colors so if a photo is too warm then I'll bring the temperature down. I definitely don't overuse this feature because I don't want anything to look unnatural.

5. When my editing is done I save my photo to my camera roll and then publish it to Instagram!

Which editing app or programs do you use mostly?

Elif x


  1. I also use VSCO to edit all my instagram photos! It's an amazing app as it's free and has some amazing filters! Lately I have been feeling a little lost on Instagram as I like to post pictures from new blogposts, selfies and other photos that I take whenever I go somewhere but since mid December I haven't been leaving the house as I'm studying for uni exams so I feel like I have nothing to post but photos from my blog and I don't like it that way! I can't wait to finish all my exams so that I can go out and take some photos :) xx


    1. I am the same! I just haven't been anywhere lately or have time during the day for Instagram but I'm sure both of us will get back on track! Thanks for commenting Rita <3

  2. I love reading about how fellow bloggers edit their pictures whether it's for their blog or Instagram. I've tried to use VSCO Cam but I just prefer whacking the brightness and sharpness up on Instagram itself.

    Lovely post.

    Emma Louise xx

    1. It's cool that you use Instagram, shows that everyone has their own way of editing! Thank you Emma <3

    2. I'm not gonna lie, but I pretty much edit my photos through Instagram. It works for me as of now.

  3. Your Instagram photos always look so lovely! I haven't tried VSCO before but I have thought about it. I normally just use the Instagram editing tools, I kind of moved away from the Instagram filters because I'm not a huge fan of the unnatural look they give.

  4. I pretty much frequent VSCO, but also A Beautiful Mess and Afterlight!