Gifts From UncommonGoods Pt.2 / Product Review

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Hello everybody! If you had been stopping by my blog in the past week or so than you may have seen a post that I have done featuring UncommonGoods. If you haven't seen it then click here to hop on over there! This is the second part of my collaboration with them. As I have said it in the other post they sent me four items in total. All of which are very high quality, cool and unique. UncommonGoods is definitely a place that should be kept in mind when buying gifts for the people who love handmade items and supporting unique artists!

If you love getting gifts but don't know what to get, they offer a variety of items like scarves which you can check out here. They also have gift sections for special occasions and holidays. And I know it is the gift giving season for many of you out there so if you are interested just click here to look through their collections and choose the one you like!
While I was trying to choose an item from UncommonGoods I came across Kisa Cat Candle. Of course my first thought was "oh, how cute it's cat shaped" but that thought later evolved into something greater when I found out that it wasn't just a simple cat shaped candle.

The way this works is that the candle has a skeleton in it and when it starts to melt the skeleton inside will slowly appear. After the entire thing burns up you'll have a little cat skeleton statue to keep for yourself as decoration. I think the concept is very original and some people might think it's weird but I think this would be a good type of weird, the kind that makes you want to buy the product. I don't think I am ready to burn this candle yet as I really love how cute it looks as it is but if you are wondering how it looks when burned then there is a short little video that you can watch on their website which you can find HERE.

The candle also has a backstory. Its Icelandic designer Thorunn Arnadottir needed funding for this brilliant idea of hers at the time so she teamed up with Dan Kovaland. They started a kickstarter campaign together to finance it. They reached (and doubled) their goal in just 4 days and founded their company. Now PyroPet candles are sold in many shops with an increasing diversity of candles!
UncommonGoods offers all kinds of things and socks with cute prints on them is one of them. I have a cute little collection at home of different types of socks with different prints so I knew I couldn't go wrong with choosing these Strawberry Socks. I haven't had the chance to wear them yet but they feel soft and they have the perfect length for socks that could be worn during winter. If you love strawberries then nothing can go wrong with getting one of these for yourself!

*A big thanks to UncommonGoods for sending all these items to me. They let me choose what I liked and what I thought would be great to talk about in my blog. All of my reviews were honest and I would never write something that I don't believe is true.*

Elif x


  1. I've seen pictures of those candles floating around the internet, but I've never known where to find one! These are adorable products, thanks for sharing!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment Amber <3

  2. That cat candle sounds so neat! That's just my kind of thing. I would have to buy two of them and just burn one, because it's just so darn cute the way it is! But I would want to see the skeleton from the other.

    1. I actually thought of doing that as well haha! Great minds think alike :P

  3. The cat candle is amazing I've seen them on tumblr and wondered where you can buy them from - so cool!

    Lucy |

  4. Soo many cute things - I love that candle
    and the socks awww, they are just amazing :)

  5. these gifts look right up my street! those socks are too cute

    Hannah at HNNHVNBLS