Summertime Memories

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hello everyone! Firstly I want to explain why I haven't been around. The reason is that the laptop I always use stopped working and we all know how hard it is to get used to another device when all the things we need are in the other one. Anyways that is one of the reasons why I haven't been blogging. And the other reasons are just family related. Also I haven't been inspired at all lately but with the weather cooling down a bit I see myself wanting to sit in front of a laptop and blog about the things on my mind. 

Today I'm back with a some film photos. I haven't shot film much this year even though it was in my goals to 'shoot 15 rolls'. I'm a little sad that I might not accomplish that goal but because I had decided that it would take too much time and effort this year I wanted to shift my focus elsewhere and I'm happy about that. I was still able to shoot a roll or two when we went on vacation this Summer and I might take a couple more in the following months who knows. Here we have a couple of shots from Fethiye.
  • First two photos below are from Butterfly Valley which is a home to various butterfly species but truth is I haven't seen any of them which was a bummer. It's a place accessible only by boat and there are many campers and nature lovers here. We tried hiking to the waterfall but we had little time so we turned back before reaching it. It was super hot and humid that day so my experience and memory is not that vivid.
  • The next two photos are our view from our hotel balcony. We had the best view of the beautiful Fethiye sunset which slowly dissappeared into the mountains.
  • The last three photos are just from our day at Ölüdeniz beach. It was a very chill day and probably one of the best in terms of cooling down and relaxing in the shade while watching the paragliders.
Elif x


  1. Your photos are stunning - I love that they were taken on a film camera!

    Lucy |

  2. Great photos :)

  3. Your film photos are always so lovely!! I am working on my first 35 mm film roll right now and I am so excited to see the results!