Pink Hair?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hey everyone! I haven't been around here lately and I thought what better way to come back here with a story of my hair journey. About a month and a half ago I decided that I would do something different with my hair. One of the reasons was that I needed change and the other reason was I had a bottle of Manic Panic hair dye that I won from a giveaway that I really wanted to use. 

Since my hair is dark I decided that I would start by bleaching it but I didn't want to do my whole hair incase things got out of hand so I decided it would be best to do the tips only. With a little help from my sister we put bleach on my hair and waited for 30 minutes as that is what the package said to do. When I washed it away I realized that it was not as light as I wanted. I decided that I wouldn't waste the dye and wait a couple of days and bleach it again. After 10 days we bleached it again and after 20 minutes of waiting I felt that my hair was getting hot on my neck and I had to wash it out because I was afraid it would burn. I guess it's not a good idea to bleach twice in 10 days as it really does damage hair but it was the most I could wait. After washing out the bleach it was lighter than before but again not as light for the dye but this time I decided to just go on with it and see what happened. 

I mixed the dye with conditioner so it would be a good treatment for the bleached hair. Since I have lots of hair I used up most of the bottle and after 3 hours I washed it out. My hair turned out like caramel, orange mixed with pink. I actually really loved the way it looked but it washed away really quickly. After about a week of using this hair I decided to use the rest of the dye and just add a bit more on and I had that sit in for 7 hours so it would stay on longer and it did but it was more of a purple than pink. That soon turned into really weird colors like silver and green which I have no clue how it happened. And before I went to vacation I chopped half of the tips off leaving just the blonde parts in my hair. So now I look a bit ombre but I will always have that week of having pink in my hair! Even though it wasn't as contrasty in real life as my photo above :)

Elif x


  1. The pink hair looks so cute on you! It's too bad it didn't last longer, but it sure looked wonderful while it did! I really want to add some pink to my hair sometime.

  2. I think any kind of unnatural colored hair dye is always a gamble, something's always going to be unexpected. But it's so fun. I love the way your hair has turned out!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  3. omg, you look like a doll ! <3 i totally dream about pink hair!

  4. Your hair is so cute! If you're looking for a longer lasting pink, Live Colour XXL Ultra Brights are awesome and they even work well if your hair isn't bleached really light first :-)

  5. love it!

  6. It looks so cute on you, congrats on the new do! :) I've wanted pink hair forever but mine just isn't cut out for it.