Photo an Hour // Beautiful Sunset 29.08.2015

Sunday, August 30, 2015

10:30 / Still in bed.
11:30 / Time for breakfast. Turkish breafast is really rich and mostly involves salty things if you're ever curious just search turkish breafast on Google and look at some photos, most of them are amazing! 
12:30 / Putting on some mask. I wrote a post about this one on the blog before so click HERE if you'd like to read about it.
13:30 / Organizing photos and writing down some reminders.
14:30-15:30 / Watching San Andreas with my sister. We really enjoy watching these kinds of action films even if it's not the greatest thing out there. This movie was not great but we weren't bored watching it so it was good entertainment.
16:30 / Don't you guys love the color of the leaves? I got this plant around December and it has been changing it's colors and it just looks super cute right now. I had to take a photo of it while I was organizing my room.
17:30 / Putting some make-up on because we decided to go down to the beach. As you can see our make-up drawer is super organized :P
18:30 / In the car, admiring my plam tree printed pants.
19:30 / Watching that sweet sunset while eating some corn, which is a popular thing to do around here if you're ever by the beach. Eat them corn!
Elif x

1700m up in the air

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Before the moment of deciding if I would fly off a mountain I was afraid. I had all these thoughts in my head that almost kept me from doing this thing that I have always dreamed of. My sister and mom signed up with Gravity, a company well known for paragliding in Ölüdeniz, Fethiye, and I told them I had decided that I wasn't going to do it. They tried to convince me but I had made up my mind because I was afraid the whole thing might make me nauseous and I really didn't want that to happen. So we left that place that night without my name on the list. The next day we had a boat trip and during that trip I just decided that I should do paragliding because I had this feeling that I might not come back to Fethiye for a long time after this visit. After the boat trip was over we were hanging around Ölüdeniz beach and I watched a few people land on the ground safely so I decided to let go of my fears and leave my comfort zone and do what I came here to do. So I went and signed up. I couldn't sleep the night before the jump because I was excited, scared, happy and worried all at the same time. I couldn't control my emotions until I went up the mountain and I looked over to the beautiful view of Ölüdeniz. 

The view was absolutely breathtaking and all I wanted to do at that moment was fly. I got ready with my pilot Yiğit and he gave me the camera and we were off. It was the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life. I felt very emotional looking down and seeing this beautiful planet from a totally new perspective. I felt the wind on my face and the warmth of the sun on my skin. After about 30 minutes of flying like a bird we safely landed and right at that moment I felt extremely happy that I signed up to do it. It was in my bucket list for a long time and now I can check it off.

What do you guys have on your bucket list?
Elif x

Pink Hair?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hey everyone! I haven't been around here lately and I thought what better way to come back here with a story of my hair journey. About a month and a half ago I decided that I would do something different with my hair. One of the reasons was that I needed change and the other reason was I had a bottle of Manic Panic hair dye that I won from a giveaway that I really wanted to use. 

Since my hair is dark I decided that I would start by bleaching it but I didn't want to do my whole hair incase things got out of hand so I decided it would be best to do the tips only. With a little help from my sister we put bleach on my hair and waited for 30 minutes as that is what the package said to do. When I washed it away I realized that it was not as light as I wanted. I decided that I wouldn't waste the dye and wait a couple of days and bleach it again. After 10 days we bleached it again and after 20 minutes of waiting I felt that my hair was getting hot on my neck and I had to wash it out because I was afraid it would burn. I guess it's not a good idea to bleach twice in 10 days as it really does damage hair but it was the most I could wait. After washing out the bleach it was lighter than before but again not as light for the dye but this time I decided to just go on with it and see what happened. 

I mixed the dye with conditioner so it would be a good treatment for the bleached hair. Since I have lots of hair I used up most of the bottle and after 3 hours I washed it out. My hair turned out like caramel, orange mixed with pink. I actually really loved the way it looked but it washed away really quickly. After about a week of using this hair I decided to use the rest of the dye and just add a bit more on and I had that sit in for 7 hours so it would stay on longer and it did but it was more of a purple than pink. That soon turned into really weird colors like silver and green which I have no clue how it happened. And before I went to vacation I chopped half of the tips off leaving just the blonde parts in my hair. So now I look a bit ombre but I will always have that week of having pink in my hair! Even though it wasn't as contrasty in real life as my photo above :)

Elif x