What's In My Clutch?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hello everybody! Today I decided to shake off my uninspired state and came up with a list of blog posts that I will be doing over the next few days. Starting it off with a classic 'What's In My...' post. I have done a school bag version of this before and I'm not so proud of the photos (my editing was a bit off I think) I posted for that one but it's all good because it means that I am always improving. 

Since I don't have to use a backpack anymore I have been leaning towards using this lovely clutch I got from Hello Parry. You have already seen this in one outfit post as well so it's not that new but it's always good to talk a little bit more about it I guess. It's holographic and 100% handmade so I already love it for these two reasons but you can also fit almost everything you need into this baby. I say almost because I can't fit my damn dslr in there but that is the only problem I have with it so I can't complain. So let's talk about what I usually have in my clutch from top left to bottom right. At the top we have a Zara perfume because everyone needs something that smells good in their bag, next to that I have headphones because I am always jammin', Lime Crime Glamour 101 lipstick which is my go to lipstick, my house keys with a JT 20/20 Tour and Eiffel Tower keychain, below that I have my Lennon sunglasses, got my iPhone and another little clutch for all my cards and money. That little clutch is probably out of fashion but I got it from NYC so I will use it forever. 

What do you always have to have in your bag? Try to think of something besides your phone, money, keys etc.

P.S. I would always have lipstick.

Elif x


  1. Love your clutch, so cute <3

  2. What a pretty clutch and I love your phone background. I don't think I have anything unique in mine but the basics.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  3. loving those shades!


  4. That is really cute! I carry a little clutch too, but it's always stuffed with crumpled up receipts, loose change and random notes, so my picture would not be so cute. Haha. One thing I always carry with me is gum!

  5. I love your phone wallpaper and I also love the unicorn lipstick! I have one and it's so good! <3