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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hello again everybody! Last year my dad brought home a bunch of records that one of his friends gave him. His friend had asked him if we were able to sell some of them and he also said that I could keep the ones I liked. I decided to put some to the side that I wanted to keep and tried selling a bunch of the other ones. I managed to sell a few of them before I got busy then I couldn't sell anymore. He didn't want the records back so it became my collection. Also one of my sisters friends gave me a bunch of records as well. And I became a small collector. 

Out of all the records, I have a few favorites. I've got Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Sound of the Wild West, Pretty in Pink, Elvis and The National. I bought Pretty in Pink and The National myself a few months ago from a flea market. The National vinyl was worth every penny because it's my favorite band and I love every single one of their songs. I have never watched the movie Pretty in Pink but the album had one song from The Smiths and a couple other classics so I thought why not. And if you didn't know I really love Western movies not just because of their story but for their incredible music so it definitely isn't a suprise that The Sound of the Wild West would be a favorite of mine. And Elvis, Pink Floyd and The Beatles are pretty iconic. How can I not listen to them? :)

Do you have a record collection? If so what do you listen to the most? And if you don't have a collection but you would want to start having one what would be your first record to own?

Elif x

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  1. I love this post, I don't know why it's never occurred to me to make one similar! I find buying records quite addictive, I started out only wanting my very favourites but then it just grew and grew into over 400 but I mostly listen to the same few over and over. I love the variety of yours!