Photo an Hour // Day At Home 21.06.2015

Sunday, June 28, 2015

11:00 / Got up an hour before this but decided to start a Photo an Hour right after I made my bed.
12:30-13:00 / I started doing ironing and it lasted for about an hour because we had a mountain of clothes waiting to be ironed.
14:30-15:30 / I took out my plant book to add some new plants only to realize that some pages had tiny bugs on them. I had to take all my plants out and clean the little book. Of course they had to be put back but as they were too many I didn't get to finish them as I got tired.
16:30 / My sister baked these pastry type things with olive paste inside them, really yummy. We couldn't eat them till after fasting was over since it's Ramazan but they were lovely.
17:30 / Stopped by my grandparents house and I thought I'd take a photo of my favorite vase of theirs. Really love the details on it!
18:30 / I did some photo editing as always.
20:30/ Sparkler, fircracer whatever it is called this thing scares me but I lit one up right before dinner just for the fun of it.
I was at home this day and honestly I didn't really do much but I still tried to get a few shots in. I could've done this other days where I had more things to photograph but carrying around my camera was a bit hard this month as I had my finals and graduation. I just always told myself that I'd do it later and that is what happened. Anyways I'm still happy that I haven't given up on this series, not that I give up on things easly but I just thought maybe I wouldn't like the idea but nope the opposite has happened... I love it. It gives me reason to take my camera out, what more could I ask for!

P.S. I did forget to take a photo at 19:30 but I'm pretty sure I was still editing photos as I spend quite some time on them because I tend to edit in bulk.

Elif x

The Body Shop Honey & Oat Mask Review

Thursday, June 18, 2015

I am back at my favorite place after quite some time it seems. If you're wondering why I haven't been around lately is because I had finals and they were my last ones that I would ever have. And since I was all stressed out about finals and graduating from university and all that I just didn't want to do anything really. I was just more active on Instagram as it seemed easier since it didn't take much of my time. I spent the last days of school hanging out with friends more than I ever did all the years combined. They were just days that I will probably never forget and I thought I'd just push my blogging to a bit later. But I'm here today with a review! 

If you have normal/dry skin and want to give it a bit more softness and moisture look no further. I wouldn't be lying if I said that this mask from The Body Shop is amazing. It makes my face feel clean and it gives off a great smell as well (honey and oatmeal doing their thing). I apply this right onto my face without washing and leave it on for 10-15 min, as instructed. Then I wash it off by massaging my face in circular motions which I find works best. After I'm done my face feels really fresh and soft. I have realized though that it's not a thick mask so if you don't like seeing your skin under the mask you won't like this. Also I don't know if this is a good or bad thing but when I apply it there is a sort of burning sensation, which I'm guessing is from the cream being absorbed into my skin and it passes away once the mask starts to dry. I'm not much of a mask person but this one I actually like putting on as I'm quite fond of it's smell. I would actually eat it if it was edible. That's how much I love it.
Elif x