Photo an Hour // Explore Istanbul 29.05.2015

Friday, May 29, 2015

9:00 / Got out of the house to make it in time for my exam which was at 10:30.
10:00 / I had incredible luck with the metrobus and made it to my stop a bit earlier.
11:00 / Came out of the exam and decided to snap a photo of the hallway where we usually have our classes.
12:00 / My four other friends and I decided to head up to Valide Han as one of us hadn't seen it yet and the weather was amazing. 
14:00 / After having lunch we continued our journey of exploring Istanbul.
15:00 / We headed to Balat and while taking photos two other friends joined us. And soon we found ourselves in Fener (things were pretty close around this area) and spotted a very cool looking building which we learned was a school. It's the Phanar Green Orthodox College if you'd like to read a bit more about it in Wiki. 
16:00 / After seeing the school we headed back down the hill and found some really lovely Balat houses. From there we headed down the road to find a spot to sit by the water. And we decided to just sit on the grass and chill.
17:00 / It was time to head back home.
18:00 / Still on the road at this time and chatting with my friend.
19:00 / After coming home I had dinner. Really love eating salad next to food it feels refreshing. This is shepherd's salad by the way. 
20:00 / Finally got around to editing some of the photos I took today.
It was a great day to spend with friends. The weather was lovely and I had great company with me which made it even better. I did forget to take a photo at around 1pm as you may have noticed but I was quite hungry and I totally forgot about my camera while eating. Overall I'm happy with all the photos I took today. Writing a post about this day makes me think that one day I could come back to this and remember how lovely it was. Anyways, hope you enjoyed reading about my day and I'll see you next month!

Elif x