Photo an Hour // Explore Istanbul 29.05.2015

Friday, May 29, 2015

9:00 / Got out of the house to make it in time for my exam which was at 10:30.
10:00 / I had incredible luck with the metrobus and made it to my stop a bit earlier.
11:00 / Came out of the exam and decided to snap a photo of the hallway where we usually have our classes.
12:00 / My four other friends and I decided to head up to Valide Han as one of us hadn't seen it yet and the weather was amazing. 
14:00 / After having lunch we continued our journey of exploring Istanbul.
15:00 / We headed to Balat and while taking photos two other friends joined us. And soon we found ourselves in Fener (things were pretty close around this area) and spotted a very cool looking building which we learned was a school. It's the Phanar Green Orthodox College if you'd like to read a bit more about it in Wiki. 
16:00 / After seeing the school we headed back down the hill and found some really lovely Balat houses. From there we headed down the road to find a spot to sit by the water. And we decided to just sit on the grass and chill.
17:00 / It was time to head back home.
18:00 / Still on the road at this time and chatting with my friend.
19:00 / After coming home I had dinner. Really love eating salad next to food it feels refreshing. This is shepherd's salad by the way. 
20:00 / Finally got around to editing some of the photos I took today.
It was a great day to spend with friends. The weather was lovely and I had great company with me which made it even better. I did forget to take a photo at around 1pm as you may have noticed but I was quite hungry and I totally forgot about my camera while eating. Overall I'm happy with all the photos I took today. Writing a post about this day makes me think that one day I could come back to this and remember how lovely it was. Anyways, hope you enjoyed reading about my day and I'll see you next month!

Elif x

Film Photography: Forgotten Series Part 3

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hey guys! For the last part of the forgotten series I thought I'd share some of the best.  I can't believe I didn't share these before because I definitely wouldn't want them to be forgotten or lost deep in some folder. If you'd like to see more photos or read the other parts of this trip before you read this one, you can find them hereherehere and here.

The last day of our trip was a day of exploring. We thought we would start off far from the airport than work our way toward it and of course fly back home. So we decided to make a stop at Side and Manavgat. You already know why Side was in our plan, that little city is full of ancient ruins that are worth seeing. Another place I thought would be nice was to go to Manavgat because there is a waterfall there. And it's a quite popular one too. So I thought we could enjoy a bit more nature before we got back to the city. When we go there we saw that the area surrounding the waterfall is kind of taken over by shops and cafe like places but overall it felt good to be there. A good place to relax, explore and enjoy. I think I took some of my favorite photos here. I love the scenery and all the bokeh in the photos as well as the vibrant colors. Spotting the parrots was the highlight of this little spot :)

Since we are talking about favorites, which one of these photos are your favorite? I would love to know <3

Film Photography: Forgotten Series Part 2

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hello everyone! I started this series the other day and I thought I'd finish it off without taking any breaks. Finals are coming up and I want to be active on here as much as I can while I have the chance. Right now I don't have much time to take photos for my other post ideas because I'm not home during the day. So until then I will continue sharing film photos :) 

I really love exploring. Living in a big city has thought me that you can find anything around any corner. And I know that it's never ending. I have seen lots of places in Istanbul but I'm nowhere close to seeing all.  But I don't feel bad about it because having fun with it is what matters to me the most. And that is exactly what we decided to do when were at vacation. When we were exploring Side (small city in Alanya) and taking photos of the ancient ruins we made a sudden decision to ride a camel. We had no idea they provided camal rides and I was reluctant at first but then I thought I'd miss out and so there we were, me and my sister on a camel. It was weird, fun, exciting and a bit scary but definitely a great moment. And the first two photos below are reminders :) So have you ever ridden a camel before or would like to one day? 
P.S.  This is not the last part so stick around to see what comes up next! I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite shots.

Elif x

Film Photography: Forgotten Series Part 1

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hey guys! I haven't been around for a while and the only reason for it is because I couldn't think of anything to write about. So when I was looking through some film photos yesterday I realized that I totally forgot to share some of them with you from my last vacation. And I thought to myself since it's summertime now I might as well add a little sunshine to this space. 

I took these photos in Alanya and I actually did share some photos of the Ancient Theatre and the Temple of Apollo from this trip on here before. I don't know what happened after those two because I had a lot of photos to share from that trip. I guess I got carried away. I decided to make this into a three part series because I'm going to divide them up into categories. The ones I'm sharing with you today are the ones I took at the hotel we were staying at. The first three is at the beach, the one of my sister is our route to the beach, second to last is our view from our room (even though we weren't facing the sea I still liked our view) and the last one is from our first dinner at the hotel :) It's actually almost time for going on vacations, have you guys planned anything yet?
P.S.: There were more photos but after getting these develeoped some came out overexposed. The sun was super bright so I should've definitely taken that -more- into consideration when taking the photos. Lesson learned :)

Elif x