Sunshine on my back

Monday, April 27, 2015

Hey guys! I haven't posted and outfit post in a really long time so I thought I'd share one this week. I wore this outfit two-three days ago on a lovely sunny day. We (my sister and I) spent that day just hanging out and about. We went out to a cafe, then a little bit of shopping and then to this spot where we could take some photos. Of course right when we were about to finish up we were told we weren't allowed to take photos there even though the area is a public area. I still can't understand the logic behind that but there isn't much to do about it I guess. 

I had a gift card, which I won from a giveaway a while back, to this online shop called Hello Parry and I decided to get a few things from there before I forgot about it. After a month they arrived at my door and I immediatly fell in love with their quality. You can see two of those things in the photos right now. The first one is the jumper and the second one is the clutch. The jumper definitely made it into my 'most comfy clothes' list and I don't think it will ever come off of it. It's really soft and loose which makes it super cosy as well. The only thing that my bother some people is that in the front it says 'the square' but clearly the lines make a rectangle. I didn't really pay much attention to it when I ordered it but when I wore it the other day I was like "wait a minute...what?" then I got over it of course haha. Honestly when I ordered the clutch I didn't know what I was going to get because I've never used anything holographic before. But of course I fell in love with it right away. It's 100% handmade according to the website and I definitely see a product that was made with care. I just adore everything about it. 

P.S. I'll link everything down below as usual. Thank you for all the comments you guys have been leaving and be sure to check back if you've asked something because you will most definitely get a reply <3 One last question: How is the weather where you are? I wonder if it's as out of balance as it is where I am.

Clutch: Hello Parry
Jumper: Hello Parry
Jeans: Topshop
Creepers: Ali Express


  1. I like your relaxed and cute look :) What do you think of following each other, maybe inspire each other? Please let me know! Have a great week, kisses!

  2. I'm lovin the outfit! And your hair.. :)