Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palette

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hey guys! I thought it might be a nice idea to talk about the lovely Iconic 3 palette today. I have seen a couple of reviews from other bloggers about it, which is one of the reasons why I suggested my sister to buy this from Makeup Revolution a few months ago. We have always been very fond of nude, simple colors for our eyes so this palette was definitely a good investment. With a price of £4 I think this palette fulfills all kinds of expectations. I have read that besides the packaging and the price Iconic 3 is very similar to the Naked 3 palette, which I have never tried but heard many good things about. If they are as similar as they say it is than I think I'm pretty fond of our purchase. 

This pallette is enriched with matte and shimmery colors. I'm always cautious when it comes to shimmery things but Iconic 3 has done it right. I don't have the need to use shimmer regularly but if I ever need to I'd definetly go for the ones on this palette. I actually started using one of the darker colors (the color that's on the left of the last dark color) for my eyebrows and it looks incredible. I had never thought of using eyeshadow for my eyebrows before but now I can't live without it. If you haven't tried it than you should give it a go as well :)

Elif x

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