Istanbul on Film #3 // Büyük Valide Han

Friday, April 3, 2015

I took my film camera to university last Friday and convinced a few of my friends to go to this awesome historic place called Büyük Valide Han. This 17th century han was used as an inn for traveling merchants at its time and now its most interesting feature is the ability to go up on its rooftop. There is a caretaker that will open the door to this rooftop for you once you tip him a little amount (not more than two liras). Going up the stairs makes you feel like you are stepping into history and once you are on top and you walk towards the edge there is a spectacular view of Istanbul waiting for you. 

The photos don't do the place or the view enough justice but I really love how the city looks from here. Istanbul is confusing and crowded but small places like this one is what makes it special. Considering how enormous the city is, there is probably a few more places like this that are just waiting to be loved by the people who are ready to open up their hearts.

P.S. I took the last photo while we were leaving the rooftop, I have no idea who the people are but I really loved the way they were looking out to the view.

*I used a Zenit 122 + Fujicolor Superia 200 (Expired)*
Elif x


  1. Beautiful photos. And you're right, the last photo is perfect.

  2. These are so soft and lovely! The muted colors are the best <3
    Katie // Lublyou

  3. Wow, I love these photos! Insanely atmospheric. Beautiful!

  4. these photos are so beautiful, Istanbul looks gorgeous
    bella x

  5. wow, istanbul must be amazing! i love those photos :)

    sarah / lapinou lunaire