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Monday, March 16, 2015

Hey guys, how's it going? I truly hope I'm not boring you with reviews but I have started to enjoy doing makeup more than I usually do so this led me to talk more about it. I'm still keeping it simple but I'm also trying out new things. These three lipsticks were included in the giveaway that I had won recently, which I mentioned on my last post. So once I recieved them I immediatly tried them out and of course snapped a few photos and here I am.

As you will see below I have arranged a few photos to show you guys how these three colors look like applied on lips. They probably aren't 100% like how they are in reality but I'm hoping it can give you guys an idea. I have heard of Lime Crime before and I have always been impressed with the range of colors they provided but as I don't really go for the expensive choice when it comes to makeup, I have never really considered getting myself one of these. Now that I have three I will definitely use the crap out of them. As it is also stated on their website their lipsticks are "bold, opaque and recklessly loaded with pigment" and they have the cutest packaging. I think maybe the price could be a bit cheaper but I guess if you want a good quality products you have to consider paying a bit more than what you usually do.
Airborne Unicorn: This shade in my opinion is definitely what Lime Crime is all about. It's a shade to go for if you're feeling a need of change from the regular pink or red ones. It's a hard color to pull off but if you think you can then you will definitely enjoy this. I don't think I can pull it off as well as many others would but I'm glad to have this in my little collection of lipsticks.
Countessa Flourescent: When it comes to lipstick that are pink I'm always a little worried. The reason for that is I don't think it looks good on me. I would still wear it but it won't make me feel as confident as how I feel when I put on darker shades. With this one I feel a bit more confident considering the fact that it's rich in color so it fills my lips quite nicely. If you're not like me and you love a good pink shade then look into this one, you might like it.
Glamour 101: Oh la la! I love a good red lipstick and this definitely makes it to the top. This won my heart over in a second. I have been using it everyday and I definitely don't want it to end but I know that day will come and I will be sad when it does. If you want a good red lipstick I recommend this one.

Have you ever tried Lime Crime? What are your thoughts?

Elif x


  1. All these look like lovely shades and that packaging is so pretty. I haven't tried any but I heard good things and I'm waiting to find them where I live.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  2. Darling, it’s such a great post! Thank you for this!
    By the way, I’m in love with your blog!

    Diana Cloudlet