Photo An Hour: Snow Day 19.02.2015

Thursday, February 26, 2015

9:30am: My sister and I were out buying stuff for breakfast and I thought the bus stop looked super cool with all the snow.
10:30am: Editing photographs on Vsco.
11:30am-13:30pm: The first day of snow my sister had to leave her car at a gas station close home because the roads were super slippery. We decided that it would be a good idea to go check up on it. We walked quite a while in the snow which was probably up to our knees but unfortunaly we couldn't make it all the way there. It was quite tiring so we headed back. I took a bunch of photos but most were over exposed. I did snap a couple of good ones though.
14:30pm: I took a shower and decided to snap this photo of the products I generally use after.
15:30-17:30pm: We watched a movie while we ate.
18:30pm: Cleaned a bit in the room and while resting on my bed I realized I should snap the moment as it was the hour to do so. I took one of the wall in front of me and tried a few shots of bokeh. I love lights on dressing tables. 19:30pm: Heard some noise outside, turns out it was a tractor clearing out the snow. Or at least trying to clear it out.
20:30pm: I was back in bed again and I did some reading.

I should probably add the word "around" in front of every hour because unfortunately my camera settings were messed up so the time settings were not correct. Since quite a few days had passed I had to really jog my memory for the exact moments. Also I should mention that I did not sleep right after reading but I stayed in bed and just surfed the web and watched some YouTube videos. It was a chill day and I believe I did exactly that. I feel like this was probably not a successful photo an hour but I hope to get better at it as I get more used to it :) So go easy on me haha.


  1. oh, those are a few great photos! i believe they capture those moments so well :)

    sarah / lapinou lunaire

  2. Lovely photos! We haven't had a good snow yet but I am hoping for one before springtime comes around.

  3. Some gorgeous photos
    Snow always looks pretty but i'm glad it's gone here x

  4. The snowy bus stop looks so cool! I also love the floral wall paper! :-)