You Better Be Good 2015

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy new year everyone! It's incredible how it's already four days into 2015. My exams still haven't begun but I have to hand in an assignment on Monday so I'm working on that. At the same time I've been thinking much about my goals for the new year and even though I never force myself to accomplish these it still does feel good when they are accomplished!

Read 15 books: I read 8 books this year. You can find the posts here and here.
Get a record player: I actually got one for my birthday! It's been great listening to some of my favorite songs on it. You can see how pretty it is here.
Add 2 new cameras to collection: I did add a Zenit 122 but I already had the same camera so I sold that one. I used all my savings on a 1.4 lens for my Dslr which I'm really enjoying. I hope that counts!
Put up paintings on the wall: We now have one painting in the kitchen and one in the hallway. Not as much as I had planned but it's a start.
Shoot film: This was quite simple because I didn't put a number on it but I didn't take any more than I had the year before so I might have not done great with this. Still I used up a couple of rolls and I'm proud.
Blog more: Looking at my archives I can say I almost doubled the number. I'm glad I achieved this one because I love my blog and the blogging community.
Overcome fears: I have started to overcome my fears and tried to put them behind me. One fear that I can't seem to get over is talking to an audience. Doing that is so stressful I don't know how people do it so relaxed.

2015 Goals:
Drivers license: Even though I don't own a car I don't see the harm in having a license.
Shoot 15 rolls of film: This time I'm putting a number on it to test it out.
Read 10 books: I decided to go for less this year. I mean if I read more, then that would be great but no pressure.
Graduate and get diploma: If you didn't know it's my last year at university!
Visit at least one palace in Istanbul: I've had Dolmabah├že and Topkap─▒ on my list for a while and I hope to visit either one or maybe both!
Get a bike: After many years without one I just feel like I'd like to ride again.
Make yoga a habit: I actually started to do yoga but it didn't stick around much. I did feel really good on days where I worked on flexibility and I want to do it as much as possible.
Photo and hour once a month: This will be interesting, I hope I don't forget to do this hah!
Double my posts on the blog: Since I doubled them before I thought I could do it again.
Organize closet: From getting rid of things to maybe even purchasing new ones. I'd like to just have a nice organized closet.
Travel some place new: Any place would do.
Be healthy and happy: It wouldn't be a list withouth these two. They are the most important x

Hope you guys had a good start to the new year and I hope it will be a good one for all of us! Do you have any goals/resolutions?  


  1. Had a little peek at your record player - looks amazing! Anyway, it sounds like you had a good year, hope your 2015 is just as successful!

    Claire // Technicolour Dreamer // Bloglovin'

  2. I just posted my resolutions! Taking more pictures is on my list too.

  3. Great goals! I'd also like to shoot plenty of film and try and do photo an hour posts this year. Good luck with everything and I hope this year is a great one!

  4. 2014 looks like it was a good year for your goals, even if you didn't make them all, you've done a lot! Good luck with the new goals!

  5. Good luck with your new goals :)

  6. I love this idea! I now want to go and write a list of my own goals for this year, I think it will fun at the start of next year to see how much of what we wanted to do and achieve we actually did! Good luck with completing yours and have fun! :)

  7. I just did my goals for 2015 yesterday! We actually have a few similar ones ! Good luck with yours and happy new year! x

    Victoria @