Photo an hour // 17.01.2015

Monday, January 19, 2015

10am: After breakfast I spent some time in bed checking social media.
11am: We decided to go shopping and look a pink building!
12-1pm: Walked around a whole bunch from one store to another and in one of them I spotted an awesome shirt.
2pm: Trying on clothes at Zara.
3pm: Car wash! Right after it was over my mom rolled down the window to thank one of the workers there and the machine suddenly squirted water and she got soaked. It was hilarious!
4pm: Decided to tidy the room a bit and stopped to welcome these two items into the family. A scarf from H&M and a perfume from Zara!
5-6pm: Helped my mom get ready for an event. The event is organized for people/families to get together, have fun and make some donations for the villages in Artvin (a city in Turkey located in the black sea area where my grandparents on my mothers side were born). I was 100% sure I wasn't going until my uncle called and said he already bought tickets. You never know what the day has in store for you!
7pm: Going to the event and running late. I had so little time to get ready but I managed...somehow. Anyways, I decided bokeh would look amazing with all the lights on the road.
8pm: Turns out we weren't that late after all. Our table looked nice and the food was amazing!
9pm: Lights out, let the show begin!
It was a fun night and we left a bit before midnight. I started to enjoy it more when two twin brothers, who were finalist in The Voice Turkey, went up on stage and sang really beautiful traditional music belonging to the black sea area. They had amazing voices, I was loving it. After their show was over we headed home and I went to bed.

P.S. I hope you guys liked my first photo an hour. It was an interesting experience for sure. I just hope I succeeded in doing it because I combined some hours where I was basically doing the same thing. Those work right? 


  1. love these photos, you're an amazing photographer!

  2. This seems like a great day! :) Love your striped bedding, and that food does indeed look delicious. xo

  3. This post has a really cool concept, I would have never thought of making a "photo an hour" post. Genius. Way to capture a whole day!

  4. Love these kind of posts! Sounds like you had a really good day :) great photos xx

  5. Sounds like a nice way to end the day! I like to take the term photo an hour quite loosely haha!