Born Pretty Store Lipstick Review!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Long time no see but I'm finally back. My exams ended two days ago and now I'm just waiting to get my grades. Pretty frustrating if you ask me. Anyways a month ago I was chatting with my friends at the Born Pretty Store and we decided to collaborate again. They sent me a few things to try out and write about. So here I go rambling about these wonderful items.

Sometimes you put on a lipstick and it makes you want to be in Summer when you are actually in Winter and that is exactly how the Maycheer Lipstick made me feel. I got it in the shade 04 which is a very pretty pink mixed with a bit of orange. I have never really liked light colored lipsticks but I really love the way this looks on me. It's moisturizing and it applies well but I did put on 2-3 coats to get the color I wanted on my lips but you might want it lighter. The packaging is quite nice as well. And now, considering that we are in Winter darker shades would probably be best. And that is why The Hot Shop Lipstick in the shade 14 is the perfect color for A/W season. The color is a very lovely dark pink mixed with red. It's creamy and rich in color. The packaging is probably exactly like the Top Shop lipsticks so that makes me wonder if they have this color in their collection. In general I can say that these two lipsticks have won my heart. Their quality is very good for the amount you pay to get them.

P.S. The first photo of me at the bottom is Maycheer and the second one is The Hot Shop. I took them only to show off their shade. Don't forget to tell me which one you like best, I would love to know!

P.S.S. If you ever decide to shop at Born Pretty you can most definitely use the code ELIFH10 at cheack out to get a %10 discount!
Elif x


  1. Lovely post! Loving the topshop shade more!

  2. I think I have to vote for Topshop. But I do love BPS prices!

  3. I loooooove your blog theme! It's incredible x
    Savannah //

  4. Very pretty shades, I love red lipstick!

  5. Pretty shades :)

  6. Love the bottom shade so much. I recently got into red lipstick, never realized how good it can make you look!