Favorite Rings

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hello everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Even though I don't celebrate it I love to see the excitement of others and it gives me joy! 

This post has been sitting in my drafts for the longest time because I had absolutely no time to finish it. I took the photos a long time ago and I thought I'd finish the writing days ago but every free time I had I spent it by resting. This post doesn't really have a purpose. I just wanted to show you guys my favorite rings that I've been wearing recently. Some are quite new and some others I've been wearing for years. 

It's a coincidence that I happen to love exactly ten rings out of the many I have. Six of these are midi rings and four of them are regular ones. I marked the regular ones on the photo above with cute little arrows and stars so you could tell which ones were which. The five rings in the middle line I recently got from Topshop for about 4 dollars which was an amazing deal. All the other ones excluding the blue heart shaped one I got from turkish bazaar. They cost me a bit more than 25 cents each. And the blue heart shaped one was a gift from my grandma! 
P.S. The rings I have been wearing a ton of recently are mostly the midi ones. Especially the one in the middle photo above. I really love having that on my finger at the moment!

What kind of ring do you love to wear? Midi or regular?

Gifts From UncommonGoods Pt.2 / Product Review

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Hello everybody! If you had been stopping by my blog in the past week or so than you may have seen a post that I have done featuring UncommonGoods. If you haven't seen it then click here to hop on over there! This is the second part of my collaboration with them. As I have said it in the other post they sent me four items in total. All of which are very high quality, cool and unique. UncommonGoods is definitely a place that should be kept in mind when buying gifts for the people who love handmade items and supporting unique artists!

If you love getting gifts but don't know what to get, they offer a variety of items like scarves which you can check out here. They also have gift sections for special occasions and holidays. And I know it is the gift giving season for many of you out there so if you are interested just click here to look through their collections and choose the one you like!
While I was trying to choose an item from UncommonGoods I came across Kisa Cat Candle. Of course my first thought was "oh, how cute it's cat shaped" but that thought later evolved into something greater when I found out that it wasn't just a simple cat shaped candle.

The way this works is that the candle has a skeleton in it and when it starts to melt the skeleton inside will slowly appear. After the entire thing burns up you'll have a little cat skeleton statue to keep for yourself as decoration. I think the concept is very original and some people might think it's weird but I think this would be a good type of weird, the kind that makes you want to buy the product. I don't think I am ready to burn this candle yet as I really love how cute it looks as it is but if you are wondering how it looks when burned then there is a short little video that you can watch on their website which you can find HERE.

The candle also has a backstory. Its Icelandic designer Thorunn Arnadottir needed funding for this brilliant idea of hers at the time so she teamed up with Dan Kovaland. They started a kickstarter campaign together to finance it. They reached (and doubled) their goal in just 4 days and founded their company. Now PyroPet candles are sold in many shops with an increasing diversity of candles!
UncommonGoods offers all kinds of things and socks with cute prints on them is one of them. I have a cute little collection at home of different types of socks with different prints so I knew I couldn't go wrong with choosing these Strawberry Socks. I haven't had the chance to wear them yet but they feel soft and they have the perfect length for socks that could be worn during winter. If you love strawberries then nothing can go wrong with getting one of these for yourself!

*A big thanks to UncommonGoods for sending all these items to me. They let me choose what I liked and what I thought would be great to talk about in my blog. All of my reviews were honest and I would never write something that I don't believe is true.*

Elif x

Photo an Hour // Shorter Days 28.11.2015

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

10:30 / Woke up to the gloomiest day of Autumn.
11:30 / Had an incredible breakfast!
12:30 - 13:30 / Arranged some clothes to sell online which took a bit longer than expected.
14:30 / The windows started to fog up and I thought I'd just welcome the new season.
15:30 / We headed to the mall to do a bit of shopping.
16:30 / This sweater from H&M pretty much sums up my thoughts on Winter.
17:30 / We came back home with a few things that we got for a real bargain, 50% off!
It's that time of year when the days are shorter and the weather is cooler. All the things seem to be in a rush because it feels like there isn't much time in the day. For me it's super hard to find time to take photos right now so I try to take a bunch on the weekends and go on from there. On this day I realized that I hadn't done my photo an hour yet so I immediatly grabbed my camera and took my first photo. I know it's another one of my lazy days but I had no time before to do a better one for you guys. I hope next month will be a good one.

How are you guys dealing with shorter days?

Elif x

Gifts From UncommonGoods Pt.1 / Product Review

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hello everybody! About a month ago I recieved an email from UncommonGoods asking me if I'd like to partner up with them and review a few things from their website. I didn't know much about them when I got the email but after a few emails back and forth I knew that it would be a great opportunity!

UncommonGoods is a Brooklyn, New York based retailer of unique and handmade items which are people, animal and environment friendly. They make it their mission to support designers and artist which is why most of their items are handmade. Actually, not only they are handmade but also one-third of their collection consists of items that are made by recycled/upcycled materials. As a certified B Corp foundation they give their workers more than minimum wage, give back to their community and support many causes. Working with a company that has a mission to impact the world in a positive way is always something that I would say yes to. 

I was asked to choose items from their Gifts for Women collection which was super hard because there were so many items ranging from jewelery to home essentials that were super cute and very unique. One thing I didn't pay attention while choosing was if the item could be sent internationally because it turns out that some of the handmade items had shipping restrictions but if you set location then it all makes it easier. Delivery took a bit of time because the package got stuck in customs but with a little bit of teamwork we got that sorted as well. At the end they were able to send me four items which was super generous of them to do. I'm sharing two of them with you today but the next two will be featured here soon so keep an eye out for that!
One of the things that I knew I would love to have was this Bedside Smartphone Vase. Since I need an alarm to wake up in the morning I always have my phone by my bed but sometimes it even ends up by my pillow. In order to prevent this I thought choosing this would be the best thing I would do for myself. The stand is made of ceramic, comes in two colors, white and mint and it also serves as a vase for flowers but I definitely recommend using fake flowers because having real ones would mean that you would have to water them and that wouldn't be such a great idea. There is also an oppening on the bottom of the stand which enables you to charge your phone while it stands on it. It's a quite simple product but very high quality!
Another ceramic item that I chose from the collection was this adorable Whale Pitcher. We have a lot of large house plants that always needs watering and recently I realized that we don't really have a proper pitcher to water them with. So seeing this on the website was a golden moment for me. I immediatly showed my mom and she said she would definitely make use of it! Other than it being a necessity, we also loved its vintage look and the fact that it was whale shaped. I mean how cute and original is that!

If you like their items and would love to go gift shopping you can click here and here for more gift ideas for women.  Some of these pages might actually be helpful to the men in your life so if they need a little guidence with buying you a gift maybe you'd like to send over these links to them or you could just spoil yourself!

Elif x

A/W Season Makeup Look

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hello everybody! Since I haven't been around here a while I finally made it my mission to make time for my blog this weekend and show my face around here, literally. This post will be all about my Autumn makeup look. I have probably mentioned this before on my previous beauty posts but I will say it again, I don't do makeup often so I'm not super great at it but what I try to do is I try not to use lots of product so it would be as natural as possible. So hopefully you like this look and if you do like it, scroll down below to read more about it!
Before I apply anything to my face I moisturize it. Nothing will be smooth if your skin isn't smooth to begin with and my skin is usually dry but it gets a bit worse during the colder months so care is always needed. After moisturizing you can start with the makeup.

Face: I applied my new L'oreal True Match foundation which I'm still testing out but so far I've had wonderful results. It has great coverage and it's not pricey which is a great deal for a lot of people who don't like to spend too much on makeup. To apply the foundation I used a recently purchased Real Techniques Expert Face Brush which is super amazing to help blend in the product. After the foundation I wanted to add a bit of color to my cheeks so I decided to use the Cabana Boy Blush from The Balm Cosmetics. I actually use this brush all year round. It's really pigmented and the color of it suits really well with my skin.

Eyeshadow: I used Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palette and started off from the the inner corner with the sparkly light pinkish color and made my way to the middle with a sparkly gold color and finished it off with one of the darker brown colors and blended them all together.

Eyeliner: Used my all time favorite from Golden Rose, which is the one and only Precision Eyeliner in Intense Black. It's an amazing product that is long lasting and it dries really quickly so it won't get messy. It's also not very pricey at all so definitely worth a try if you haven't already.

Eyelashes: I tried out a new mascara from Rimmel London called Lash Accelerator. This mascara doesn't add much volume to lashes and it takes a while to dry but it does give that lenght and natural look that I want which is always a plus in my book!

Eyebrows: I filled in my eyebrows with one of the darker colors in the Iconic 3 palette. As with everything else I didn't apply a lot to my eyebrows because I know how tricky it is to get those eyebrows on fleek so I left no room for mistakes. Less is definitely more in most cases.  

Lips: I used to always use red lipstick all year round but this year during the summer I went for rose or brownish colors. So since it's the colder months now I decided to take out my favorite liptick which is the Kate Moss 107 from Rimmel London. I forgot how beautiful this color was because I haven't used it for a long time but it's definitely the A/W lipstick you are looking for.

Thanks for reading this post! Also I will be replying back to comments on my blog from now on.. as well as visiting blog links from commenters. Make sure to leave your link so I can stop by. See ya later!!

Elif x

Photo an Hour // Beautiful Istanbul 25.10.2015

Monday, October 26, 2015

12:30 / After having breakfast I decided to tidy my bed.
13:30 / I thought I would go explore the city so I wanted to do a bit of make up.
14:30 / Secretly taking a photo on the bus. I always hate it when people stare at me when I'm taking photos so I wanted to avoid the looks this time.
15:30 / Made it to Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. I have been to this place so many times but never when it was this clear. The images I took on this day were super nice and sharp. I love it when it rains in Istanbul and all the pollution just dissappears.
16:30 / Something that I really enjoy doing when I'm in the heart of Istanbul is buying some roasted chestnuts. The greatest snack ever.
17:30 / After Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque I headed to Galata Tower. I waited about an half an hour in line to get in but the view was worth it.
18:30 / Walking past Yeni Cami (New Mosque) in Eminönü while going to the tramway so I can start heading back home.
After the last photo I realized that my battery was ending on my phone and I needed to save it for emergencies because going back home takes about two hours from Eminönü. It was also super crowded in the tramway and the metrobus so I wouldn't be able to snap anything anyways. Because I couldn't take photos in the following hours I decided to put a few more from the previous hours so I hope I can get way with it this time. Hopefully you like seeing these Istanbul photos from me :)

P.S. I actually had my dSLR with me but I forgot to charge the battery of it so I couldn't use it after taking a couple of photos around Hagia Sophia so the last 4 photos I took with my phone :)

Elif x

Photo an Hour // 28.09.2015

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

10:45 / I woke up quite late this day and spent about an hour on my phone.
11:45 / Finally got around to eating something for breakfast. It was a lazy day so I decided to ear some cereal :)
12:45 / I took out some beauty products to give myself a little bit of a make over.
13:45 / I decided to take some photos of myself since I hadn't put on make up in a long time and I really liked the end result with my hair and all.
15:45 / Stopped by where my mom works and helped her out with some of the paper work. 
16:45 / While heading back home I thought I'd snap a few shots in the rain and this is probably my fave out of all.
17:45 / My sister and I made plans to go to the movies so I asked my mom to drop me off at the mall so I could meat up with her there. And I was shocked at how grey the sky was, super gloomy.
18:45 / We ate some burgers and headed to the movies to see Everest.

The movie ended at about 9pm and we sat at a cafe for a while after it. After that we just headed home. Everest was a really good movie in my opinion and if you like 'based on a true story' movies than you really can't miss this one. It was an amazing / tagic story that needed to be told.
Elif x

Summertime Memories

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hello everyone! Firstly I want to explain why I haven't been around. The reason is that the laptop I always use stopped working and we all know how hard it is to get used to another device when all the things we need are in the other one. Anyways that is one of the reasons why I haven't been blogging. And the other reasons are just family related. Also I haven't been inspired at all lately but with the weather cooling down a bit I see myself wanting to sit in front of a laptop and blog about the things on my mind. 

Today I'm back with a some film photos. I haven't shot film much this year even though it was in my goals to 'shoot 15 rolls'. I'm a little sad that I might not accomplish that goal but because I had decided that it would take too much time and effort this year I wanted to shift my focus elsewhere and I'm happy about that. I was still able to shoot a roll or two when we went on vacation this Summer and I might take a couple more in the following months who knows. Here we have a couple of shots from Fethiye.
  • First two photos below are from Butterfly Valley which is a home to various butterfly species but truth is I haven't seen any of them which was a bummer. It's a place accessible only by boat and there are many campers and nature lovers here. We tried hiking to the waterfall but we had little time so we turned back before reaching it. It was super hot and humid that day so my experience and memory is not that vivid.
  • The next two photos are our view from our hotel balcony. We had the best view of the beautiful Fethiye sunset which slowly dissappeared into the mountains.
  • The last three photos are just from our day at Ölüdeniz beach. It was a very chill day and probably one of the best in terms of cooling down and relaxing in the shade while watching the paragliders.
Elif x