Makeup Revolution: I ♡ Makeup Lipstick Review

Friday, December 5, 2014

I have promised myself that I will do better at blogging this month and the rest of the months to come. November was a let down but December won't be I know it. I'm starting it off with this amazing review. I had wanted to review the rest of the stuff we got from Makeup Revolution for forever but I don't get to use them as much as I had planned to. I have been wearing this lipstick recently and I knew it was time to say a few things about it! 

This is from Makeup Revolutions I ♡ Makeup line/collection. I got the one named I Worked For It! I'm always a sucker for dark colored lipsticks because I'm sure they are the ones that suit me best. This one is a beautiful dark pinkish/reddish color and I also see a bit of brown in there even though you might not make it out from the photographs. It is just the perfect shade to put on during Autumn/Winter and for me it's what I would prefer all year long. And of course the packaging of it is just very pretty. Love the use of purple on it and it's metallic. When put on lips it's quite soft and blends in really well. Considering its very reasonable (£2-3) price this is a must have!

P.S. This time I even modeled it off for you guys! YAY!
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Elif x


  1. That packaging is gorgeous! I love the color on you. I've been obsessed with new lip colors lateyl I've got to slow down.

  2. That is such a pretty shade! I love it :)

  3. Such a gorgeous shade! Perfect for Christmas and winter <3 | £100 Christmas Giveaway

  4. What a gorgeous colour, it looks so lovely on you! xo

  5. I think I haven't heard about this brand. The wrapping looks amazing <33 I fell in love with it, & the colour...... :) awesome!!!!!!!!