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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hey guys! Last month I didn't watch many movies but this month I got a few more on the list. I have been busy for a while working on presentations, reports and translations for classes. Now that the finals are approaching I'm kind of worried. Hopefully everything will be okay. Lots of studying awaits. During this time I just hope I can squeeze in a couple of movies and not abandon this little corner on the internet. I still have a bit over a week for the exams to start so don't think I won't be here during that time! I will most definitely see you very shortly..
These Final Hours: BuzzFeed had a list that had a bunch of Austrailian movies on it. Of course I went and chose the one where it's almost the end of the world and this guy (James) just wants to go to the last party. While he's on his way he saves a girl and agrees to help her get back to her family. During their journey they start to bond and this is like a wake up call for James. He comes into realization of whats more important to him. Since it was low budget, effects are pretty crappy but cinematography is alright. I really liked the acting, especially Nathan Phillips and Angourie Rice. Seeing new faces in movies is always interesting.
Teenage Dirtbag: What a realistic, raw and unique movie. I still have the feels. It has a killer soundtrack, acting is very good and the story is just absolutely heartbreaking. The fact that this story was inspired by true events is what makes you love it even more. It's basically based on an event that happened in Regina Crosby's life, who is actually the writer and the director of the movie. She didn't have a much of a budget for the movie but she really wanted to get her story out there. Absolutely amazing, definitely one of my favorites.
Mockingjay Part 1: Contrary to popular reviews/opinions I actually enjoyed this movie. I felt quite emotional throughout and I thought the new characters were brilliant. I want to mention that splitting the movie was a dumb idea and I wish they hadn't done it. They really went deeper into the story (aka. revolution) in this part but we still left the theaters feeling unsatisfied because we want closure and we certainly did not get it here. Oh well.. we'll just wait a year. Other than that I think since Francis Lawrence took over the franchise it just got so much better. If I had to list them I would say Catching Fire to be my favorite, Mocking Jay P1 to be second and HG to be last.
Playing It Cool: Another movie where we have absolutely no fucking idea what the names of the leading characters are. I had this happen to me twice now.. Frustrating. So we have the Narattor and we have Her. Narrator is a writer and he has to write something that fits in the RomCom genre. There is a problem though, he has never fallen in love. This all changes when he meats Her. And so on. Cute movie.. and Chris Evans is in it.
The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby / Them: The story is tragic and really sad. The acting of James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain is top notch and the cinematography is great too. The thing about this movie is that originally it was made in both of the characters point of view. As Him and Her. But since it would be too long for theatrical viewing they merged the story into one. Personally I think everyone (myself included) should watch Him, Her because I felt like there was a lot of details left out in the movie. The only problem is.. I can't find the seperate movies anywhere, grr!
The Giver: Another book adaptation that was pretty alright on screen. Based on the reviews from the readers the movie lacks emotion and is a bit rushed. I actually agree with them even tough I didn't read it. I'm pretty sure they left a bunch of details out, especially with the sporting characters. But I did like the way the story started out black and white and just started to be in color as Jonas started to experience emotions. Not a bad watch but it can't be compared with other movies that belong in the same genre.
Abduction: I think it's quite rare for me to find nothing to like in a movie but it happened. The reason I chose to watch this is because I truly wondered if it was that bad. I read most of the reviews on IMDB and tried to look past the 5 something score and pressed play to see it for myself. It was aweful. The acting, the way the story evolved, the music... all mediocre. Really disappointing, seems like they didn't even try. They probably just wanted give Taylor Lautner a role in a movie since he was so popular during that time. And surely that was a mistake.

Books I've Been Reading (Goal Recap)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hey guys! It's crazy to think that the new year is approaching and looking back I think I've had a pretty good year. Thinking about the year made me think about the goals I had set for myself. Reading 15 books was one of them and I had failed it the year before by 1 book and this year I'm pretty sure I'll fail it again. I think the reason behind is that I've never figured out what kind of books I like to read. Do I like fanstasy, crime, romance etc.? I really didn't know but I think I have it slightly figured out now. I think I could read more books if I enjoyed every single one. Sometimes, I would just start reading a book and just read only for the purpose of finishing it. And that is a waste of time for sure! Gotta learn to let go.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest by Steig Larsson: You can't start a trilogy and not read it all and when it comes to the Millenium series you won't regret it. The book is almost 800 pages with lots of detail that might get boring at times. I think throughout the whole book I was mostly excited towards the end. It was something I was waiting for to happen throughout the entire series and I'm satisfied. I just wish there was more of Mikael and Lisbeth together in this one but that didn't happen. 

Adı: Aylin by Ayşe Kulin: This one is written in Turkish. It was translated into English as well and I'm currently in the process of contrasting both of them for an assignment. The book is based on the life of Aylin Radomisli Cates who was the cousin of the author who wrote the book. This book is an amazing journey into Aylin's life, she led an extraordinary one for sure.

The Abundance of Katherines by John Green: After TFIOS I went ahead and bought other books from John Green. The book was not that long so I was able to read it in a short time. It's is about a boy named Colin who has only dated girls with the name Katherine and is constantly trying to find the one Katherine that he'll forever be together with. He also works on a formula and is waiting for his eureka moment because he is a genius/prodigy. The book is fun to read but something is missing and I can't put my finger on it. 

Legend by Marie Lu: I've been looking for this book for a while and I really like it. This dystopian trend is going strong these days in the movie world. Of course they are book adaptations and I could've easily read them but I've always found myself watching the movie first. But this time I've done it. If this book gets made into a movie I'll proudly be saying that I read it first! Anyways, I really like this story but I just wish that the main characters were not so young (15). It also involves a lot of the dystopian clichés but I don't mind that because the characters and the story are pretty unique. 

So what have you guys been reading? 
Elif x

Makeup Revolution: I ♡ Makeup Lipstick Review

Friday, December 5, 2014

I have promised myself that I will do better at blogging this month and the rest of the months to come. November was a let down but December won't be I know it. I'm starting it off with this amazing review. I had wanted to review the rest of the stuff we got from Makeup Revolution for forever but I don't get to use them as much as I had planned to. I have been wearing this lipstick recently and I knew it was time to say a few things about it! 

This is from Makeup Revolutions I ♡ Makeup line/collection. I got the one named I Worked For It! I'm always a sucker for dark colored lipsticks because I'm sure they are the ones that suit me best. This one is a beautiful dark pinkish/reddish color and I also see a bit of brown in there even though you might not make it out from the photographs. It is just the perfect shade to put on during Autumn/Winter and for me it's what I would prefer all year long. And of course the packaging of it is just very pretty. Love the use of purple on it and it's metallic. When put on lips it's quite soft and blends in really well. Considering its very reasonable (£2-3) price this is a must have!

P.S. This time I even modeled it off for you guys! YAY!
*post is not sponsored*
Elif x