Born Pretty Store Makeup Review

Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's kind of insane that I haven't done a beauty related review post since a little over a month now and I truly need to get back in the game. And that is what I'm doing right now. Getting back in the game. Yes. Anyways, let's get on with it. 

Born Pretty Store contacted me a while back asking if I'd review some of their products and even left me a list of two-three products that I could choose from. After choosing only one from their list I looked around their huge online store with many, many things that I found to my liking and chose only two of them. It was quite impossible not to choose everything because they have a wide range of beauty related items for affordable prices and free shipping. Beware though the shipment took a little over a month to get to me. They also provided me with a 10% off coupon that you guys could use. How cool is that? You can find the code on the left top side of my blog if you want to purchase from there.
Lip Crayon 09: The packaging of this product is the reason why I was so interested in it. ISN'T IT ADORABLE?! I have used crayon type lipsticks before and still do so I knew it wouldn't be a dissapointment. I went for a reddish color again. When applied to lips it's more lighter than how the color looks on here and it's quite sheer. The lipstick is soft and sleek which is great for winter (you don't want dry lips) and summer... and also it's a bit sparkly. I don't have any sparkling lipstick so this was totally a great pick. 

Powder Puff: I have seen so many people use this when applying their foundations on YouTube and I always wondered on how effective it was on blending. Now I have tested it and it does make a difference. And it's only about $2.50 in the Born Pretty Store and that is quite cheap for this kind of quality. I mean I have never used one of these before but this is so soft and the foundation washes off from it quite easily when cleaning. 

Matte Long Lasting Balm 28: This product was the one from their list and it's going to be quite tricky to review. So it will go like this: The pros are as follows; awesome vibrant red, definitely matte, no risk of having it on your teeth because it's dry, you won't even leave a red mark on anywhere even if you tried, long lasting for sure. The cons are as follows; it's too dry and you can't blend it once it's all dried up, too difficult to take off (most likely waterproof), starts to crack after a long use. So I'm definitely half/half on this one. I won't quit on it just yet.

Elif x