Makeup Revolution Brow Kit Review

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hi there. How are you? What have you been up to? If you ask me I can say that I am good. We have a couple of days off school for sacrifice holiday so it's like a 5 day weekend here which is amazing. I hope it will be a productive couple of days but I'm never sure because any plans I'll make will definitely not work out lol. But I did fill out my October calander with a bunch of new posts to share with you, so lets say hello to a brand new month together and I hope you like what is coming up next! 

After sharing with you guys our Amazing Lipstick from Makeup Revolution I never really had time to try out the rest of the things we got from there (which is quite a few things actually). But just before going on vacation last week, while I was too lazy to put on any make up my sister started using the Focus & Fix Brow Kit Light-Medium. She gave it a thumbs up shortly after and it was decided that we needed to take it on vacation with us. I started using it there for the first time and I had never filled in my brows before so it was definitely an interesting eperience for me. I love how filling in your eyebrows even the littlest bit (little is my motto) can shape up your face and give you a more pollished look. And besides the fact that we actually needed a kit like this one we were also quite happy about its price and that we got free shipping on it. And since it has 3 different brow powders from light to dark it was perfect for me and my sis to use it together, because she has a lighter brow color than me. It also has a wax creme but I haven't used it yet and I probably won't use it but who knows. Overall, this product is top notch. It even comes with its own tweezers and brush!
Elif x


  1. This looks almost identical to one I use from MUA, and I think it's around £2-£3! But I find the tweezers a little too small to use x

  2. I also love how eyebrow pencils/kits can make
    you look more polished and this sounds like such
    a good product. I always only use an eyebrow pencil. (:

    I wish you a wonderful 5-day weekend. :)

  3. I agree; brows really do make a face stand out and is incredibly flattering. Will have to look into this.

    Tiff | AMtoPM