Film Photography: Temple of Apollo in Side

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Today I'm taking you to see the Temple of Apollo. It is believed to be the place where Anthony met Cleopatra and presented the temple as a token of his love to her. It seems that this is the only information (true or false) that I could find out about this Temple. Either I didn't do a lot of research or there isn't much to research from but that's kind of sad. I would have wanted to know the facts. But none of this changes the fact that this place is absolutely breathtaking. I'm pretty sure it would have been more amazing to see this place close to sunset.


  1. I'm trying to remember if I saw this place, but I really can't remember. I didn't take any photos on my holiday so it's hard to recall it from 6/7 years ago.

    I'll have to go back one day :)

  2. I remember coming here when I was a little girl & my mum telling me all about who Cleopatra was! Such stunning photos! Glad I found your blog xx

  3. Hey lovely! I adore your blog! I've nominated you for the "one lovely blog award", go check out what you have to do and carry it on with new bloggers :)


  4. so inspiring <3 those photos are stunning! i want to be there !