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Monday, October 20, 2014

I haven't shown my face around in any posts in a long time so I thought I'd stop by today with an outfit post. I just got a few things in my wardrobe that I basically wear every single day when the weather starts to cool down and my long green cardigan is one of those things. I wear this thing like 2-3 times a week and I'm not even sorry. I wish I could find more long stuff like this because I seriously dig it. It keeps me warm and it compliments every outfit I put together. This time I wore it with my newly purchased high-waisted black jeans and my crop top (you saw it in the turkish bazzar haul post!).  And to finish up the look I put on a headband, which is something that I have been doing quite often lately.

Oh and I'd like to mention that I used all the products that I have reviewed on my blog in the past couple of weeks when doing my make-up. I wanted you guys to see how the Amazing Lipstick Depraved and Focus & Fix Brow Kit from Makeup Rev looked on my face so you'd get a better idea. I hope the photos do the products justice :)

P.S. I know it might be cold to wear a crop top but just two days ago it was like a day left over from summer here in Istanbul so I was inspired. But of course now it's pretty chilly out.
Headband: Tally Weijl 
Crop Top: Bazaar 
Jeans: Pull & Bear 
Cardigan: Pull & Bear

Movies, Movies, Movies!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I am an addict when it comes to movies and I will not deny it. Just the other day me and my mom were talking about me as a kid and she told me that when I used to stay at my grandmas house I would wake up in the middle of the night and watch tv. I remember those days a little but you get a clearer image once someone mentions it to you. I watch movies, tv shows, documentaries etc. I think the only thing that I hate to watch is the news. Politics is beyond me and I do not want to hear how bad the world is.. I already know. Fiction is a way to escape and I like that. Anyways, here's what I watched this month.
The Cabin in the Woods: I do not like to watch scary movies (the last one I watched till the end was Saw III) because I get scared way too easily but my cousins recommended this movie to me and my sis and we said why not. This is basically a scary movie that uses most of the cliches of scary movies but that is exactly what the writers are going for in this. And that is why it's so brilliant. You've got all your typical characters and they do all their typical idiotic things that they should not be doing and they are basically in the middle of no where, in a cabin, isolated from the world. The story has a twist though but I don't want to give it away. We didn't like the ending but I was getting the feeling that it should've been that stupid but who knows.
The Maze Runner: Two of my favorite words for you: dystopian society. After a bunch of years with with vampires I think we could easily say that these two words have taken over the shelves at book stores and filled the movie theaters. The movie directed by Wes Ball, who also directed Beginners, is a book adaptation like Hunger Games and Divergent. I can say that Dylan O'Brian, who plays the main character Thomas in the movie, is not just shining in this role but every one of his other roles lately. He has potential for sure. The other actors were also very well cast. In general the movie leaves you with more questions than answers but now the anticipation for a second movie is much greater. 
Brightest Star: Even though this movie has a low score on IMDB with a little thought I could say I liked it. There is no name for the main character, he is totally lost. The only thing that is important to him is to win back the girl. That might be a cheesy motivation but if you have no clue on what to do with your life that could be the only motivation. It does get boring at times and I'm not a fan of the actors as well but the idea was okay.
Two Night Stand: There is definitely something about Miles Teller that I enjoy watching and there is also something else that I don't like watching but I can't name either one of those two. I don't expect much from these types of movies, usually I'm just looking for something to pass time or fulfill my romantic ways but this movie was cute. Analeigh Tipton acted a bit too much but I felt the chemistry between the two so I'm gonna say nice.
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest: Finally finished the Millenium trilogy both in book and movie form. I am quite happy with the entire franchise but I do think that it goes downhill from the end of the first book. I guess it was the chemistry between Lisbeth and Mikael that got me hooked. While reading the third book I was dreading it until the end. So of course I feel the same way about the movie. It was just worth watching because I like the characters seperately as well and there were scenes from the book that I really wanted to see come alive.
What If: Oh Dan! It has literally been impossible to picture him someone other than Harry Potter but he's working hard to be in other roles so I'm going to go with it. Also, you wouldn't have a romantic indie movie without Zoe Kazan and her annoying/lovely ways. With a quite cheesy ending I give you a cute romantic movie that includes a bit comedy and a ton of Daniel Radcliffe that just talks fast.
22 Jump Street: Definitely not as funny as the first one but still has a few moments for laughs. These guys are great together and their bromance is just way too much to handle. There are some epic scenes in the movie and it does have killer ending scenes (which involves a bunch of possibilities for future jump street movies). If you like comedy give it a try. Oh and there is Channing Tatum so yeah.

Film Photography: Temple of Apollo in Side

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Today I'm taking you to see the Temple of Apollo. It is believed to be the place where Anthony met Cleopatra and presented the temple as a token of his love to her. It seems that this is the only information (true or false) that I could find out about this Temple. Either I didn't do a lot of research or there isn't much to research from but that's kind of sad. I would have wanted to know the facts. But none of this changes the fact that this place is absolutely breathtaking. I'm pretty sure it would have been more amazing to see this place close to sunset.

Film Photography: Side Ancient Theatre

Sunday, October 5, 2014

I know I should be getting more into Fall/Winter posts soon and I totally will but for now I'd really like to share some film photos that I took on my trip. We went on vacation to Alanya (south of Turkey, very hot) on 20-27th of September. Even though it was getting cold at home the weather there was splendid. Sometimes it even got too hot, especially on our last day when we went to visit Side. Side (read Sea-de) is an ancient Greek city located 65km from Alanya Center and about 40km from Incekum, which is where we were staying. Being this close to many of the best known ancient structures we knew we had to go there and look around for a day.

Our first stop was the Ancient Theatre. There was an enterance fee of 15TL that got us a bit sceptical about entering and seeing this place but we had come all this way so we paid up. I can say that it was worth it. The theatre was absolutely amazing and the structure of it was just breathtaking. It says it holds up to about 15-20 thousand people which is a huge number. I would have been able to take it all in better if it wasn't so damn hot. I just went around quickly and got some photos and looked around a bit then I ran into the shade. I'm glad I got some decent photos because I couldn't even see what I was taking a photo of since it was very bright. If you'd like to know more about this ancient city here is a link to Wiki. I still have a couple of more film photos to share with you so I hope you are okay with seeing those in the next couple of posts! 
The two photos below were taken after exploring the theatre. I just took them on our way to our next destination.

Makeup Revolution Brow Kit Review

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hi there. How are you? What have you been up to? If you ask me I can say that I am good. We have a couple of days off school for sacrifice holiday so it's like a 5 day weekend here which is amazing. I hope it will be a productive couple of days but I'm never sure because any plans I'll make will definitely not work out lol. But I did fill out my October calander with a bunch of new posts to share with you, so lets say hello to a brand new month together and I hope you like what is coming up next! 

After sharing with you guys our Amazing Lipstick from Makeup Revolution I never really had time to try out the rest of the things we got from there (which is quite a few things actually). But just before going on vacation last week, while I was too lazy to put on any make up my sister started using the Focus & Fix Brow Kit Light-Medium. She gave it a thumbs up shortly after and it was decided that we needed to take it on vacation with us. I started using it there for the first time and I had never filled in my brows before so it was definitely an interesting eperience for me. I love how filling in your eyebrows even the littlest bit (little is my motto) can shape up your face and give you a more pollished look. And besides the fact that we actually needed a kit like this one we were also quite happy about its price and that we got free shipping on it. And since it has 3 different brow powders from light to dark it was perfect for me and my sis to use it together, because she has a lighter brow color than me. It also has a wax creme but I haven't used it yet and I probably won't use it but who knows. Overall, this product is top notch. It even comes with its own tweezers and brush!
Elif x