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Monday, September 15, 2014

I actually had a plan to watch other movies this month but I never got around to watching that many movies all together. I squeezed in these movies here and there so I'd have something to recommend to you guys and if it weren't for you I would probably be too lazy to even watch anything. Here I go!
Edge of Tomorrow: This movie went beyond my expectations and I am still not over how good it was. This was an action packed, edge of your seat movie that I just could not get enough of. I was sad it was over because it was well written, directed and acted. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt gave their all to this movie and it was nice seeing Emily Blunt in such a physical role. This movie even suprised most of its viewers (including me) with Cruise's character, Major William Cage. He is not what you expect of a Tom Cruise character but it's so much fun watching a different, new side of Cruise. 
Epic: If you want to have a favorite animation character added to your list than you need to watch this movie. I was laughing so hard at the snail and the slug I knew they would be the reason of why I loved this. It was absolutely brilliant how funny they were and I just can't get over it. The movie in general was good too and it gave you the feels but I can't say it was a favorite. I was definitely satisfied though.
Godzilla: I really liked the music throughout the movie, it was quite traditional and from what I've read it's better that way. Generally the movie was slow and the plot was unexpected but it gave a new approach to Godzilla I think. I don't know if thats a bad or a good thing. 
The Girl Who Played With Fire: Well I could not wait for a Hollywood remake of this movie so I went ahead and watched the Swedish version this week. It was so much better than I had imagined. Of course I liked Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander much more than Noomi Rapace but I could deal. But I have seen on some reviews that the Swedish version is more like a TV movie and I gotta say I agree with that completely. When I think about the David Fincher remake of the Dragon Tattoo all I can think is that the Swedish ones fall short. But they are no way near bad, I simply don't like them as much.

Which movies should I watch net? I need recommendations!!


  1. I love the movie Epic and The Girl Who Played with fire sounds interesting! :)

  2. Great post! I loved Godzilla but I agree, it was fairly slow.
    You have a great blog and a new follower! :)

  3. Are they doing the hollywood version of GWPWF?

    1. There are rumors that Sony invested in a script but nothing is official :/

  4. I feel, I couldn't stop gushing about edge of tomorrow to anyone who'd listen! And I liked Godzilla, I thought that what they did with the plot was interesting and I liked the human characters. It was a long movie though. I'll check out epic soon, then~

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  6. I haven't seen any of those movies :( but (!!) I saw Yves Saint Laurent movie :)