DIY: Film Canister Lipstick Holder

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hello everyone! You all know by now that I am very much into taking film photos but what you don't know is that I never throw out things that may come in handy someday. In this case; film canisters. I had started to develop somewhat of a collection of canisters and I've always wanted to do something with them. So when I bought some spray paint at the store for a decent price I had to use some of it before summer was over. So I thought why not paint over some canisters and stick them together! And although that idea was a cool one it was pretty frustrating to complete and here are the reasons:

1. This was my first time spray painting and I thought it must be easy but I was wrong. I'm pretty sure it was hard because of these small cansiters that aren't heavy at all. So they kept flying away and I painted too close and it got all thick and weird. Therefore some parts didn't turn out as pretty as others.
2. I touched the canisters to check if they were dry too soon, hence the finger prints.
3. Bottom of the lipstick holder did not dry as quickly and got stuck on to the dressing table (which came off with nail polish remover, fortunately!) To prevent this from happening again I cut out a piece of paper in the same shape and stuck it to the bottom.

Even though the stuff I mentioned above happened I still like my new lipstick holder. I made it with ma own hands and I'm keepin it-- at least for a while!
P.S. I did the spray painting before glueing the cansiters together. I thought that would be easier.


  1. this is so cute! looks really old hollywood! :)

  2. They look so cool, even if they were hard work ;D

  3. Such a fabulous idea, it looks awesome! <3

    Jennie xo - |

  4. That's a really neat idea, if I used film haha

  5. what a lovely idea! <3 i must try to do something like that :)!