What's On My iPad // Social Media Apps

Saturday, August 9, 2014

We all know that social media has taken over the world and that it is quite essential for reaching out to people and interacting. Older generations can't posibbly understand what the fuss really is about on becoming Vine famous or Youtube famous etc. but this generation called for it. I'm actually so glad that I was introduced to my first computer when I was in 4th grade because I wouldn't want to be a kid sitting at home and looking at a screen. Kids should go out and play! Anyways now that the addiction is still at it's climax I thought I'd share the social networking apps that I have on my iPad and type up a few vise words about them.

Facebook: I signed up for FB in 2007 when Myspace was the big deal. I was so used to having bold backrounds, gifs and music on Myspace that I couldn't get my head around FB and its simplicity. I actually thought to myself "wow this crap will not catch on". Obviously I was wrong. When university came rolling I had to keep up with our group where announcements were posted and courses were discussed. I basically use 90% of FB just for the group and 10% for sharing photos. I don't use it for anything blog related.

Twitter: I joined Twitter in 2011 and it certainly felt like coming from the city to a town (city being Facebook). When I saw all the brilliant things people were fitting into 140 characters I was hooked. Twitter reached its peak in 2012 and it still hasn't lost its magic but it's definitely very crowded now. I had seperate accounts, one for my blog and one for personal but it became hard to keep track of both so I got rid of my personal account. Twitter is number one on my list for promoting my blog and interacting with bloggers and readers. It's absolutely amazing!

Instagram: Instagram is a godsend. I joined a little over a year and I enjoy spending time on it. It's amazing that you can share your photos on other social media too. My account is blog free but I like having it that way because I feel like readers would enjoy seeing things happening behind the blog.

Pinterest: This is my tumblr but it's so much better. I actually just linked my blog on there but I don't know if anyone found me from there but I have had some new followers so maybe yeah? Anyways my profile has been getting a lot of activity lately and it has been amazing.

Flickr: I joined in 2011 when I got my Nikon D3100. It was a pretty popular space for photographers until Instagram came along. I'm still active on here but I no longer put digital photos. I usually put up my film photos whenever I do a shoot. I try to keep it digi free because I don't post film on Instagram. They kind of level with each other.

Youtube: I don't have a channel but I subscibe to some really aweome ones. I enjoy watching new videos from them and discovering other channels. Although I don't have a channel when my sister and I filmed the DIY Galaxy Chucks video we created a channel under her name so we could post it. I think we might have a little over 1500 views but thats about it on our Youtube adventure.

Snapchat: I'm not so sure of Snapchat yet but I'm trying to really give it a try. I only have 4 contacts on there and so far it has been fun. I usually snap with my sister because well she has seen every side of me. I can look like crap and I wouldn't care when I send her a snap.

P.S.: I know Blogger and Bloglovin are not included on here but I really do not like their apps and I think they are useless. Which social media websites do you use the most?


  1. I've been thinking about getting an iPad but I'm really hesitant. How do you like it?
    I use all of these apps too, and I follow you on a lot of them too! :P

  2. I just got an iPad and I've been loving playing with it. I use these apps and love them as they are so nice to use and much bigger than my iPhone.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  3. My iPad has exactly the same apps as you :) iPads are perfect for blogging!
    www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3