Istanbul Aquarium

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hai guys! About two weeks ago we decided to spend a little family time visiting the Istanbul Aquarium which has a route of 16 themes and 1 rainforest ranging from the Black Sea to the Pacific. Everytime we finished a section I thought it would be over but it wasn't and it took lots of time to get through it all. I saw so many different kinds of fish and tried to take photos of them. Since I had just gotten a new lens for my camera I thought it would be amazing to practice with it with fish. It was kind of tough taking photos of fish but I think I did pretty okay with the few I chose to put up here. I have many more in my folder but I thought these would suffice. I didn't get any photos of the rainforest with my camera because the battery died but I remember they had piranhas and an alligator that I totally forgot to check out (boo me!). 


  1. These are some really lovely photos, some of them are so clear you look like you must be in the water with them! I remember trying to take photos at an aquarium a few years ago and it was miserable, I kept ending up with pieces of my own reflection and picking up all the smears on the glass, which makes these photos even more impressive to me! I love how the light shines through the water in the pictures of the rays.

  2. Oh <3 I love aquariums so much! :) Those photos are so magic <3

  3. lovely post!