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Thursday, June 19, 2014

I can't believe I finally have the time to post this! This was actually suppose to be up on the day that I did my film photography post but I just couldn't wait to share that one with you guys so I changed up the schedule. Also, this post is a day late but my internship started this week and I'm just trying to get used to the routine of waking up and sleeping early (things I usually don't do) and it's been very tiring. So just stay with me throughout the next three weeks and I'll be on here full time, I promise! And hopefully I'll get to commenting on your blogs (and new blogs!) again soon. I miss doing that :) Anyways let's get to the reviews!

Gattaca: I didn't know about this movie until my cousins told me about it in a conversation we were having about which movies we watched that we liked so much and they proposed that I should watch this because it fit into the sci-fi genre that I like very much. It's basically a story about going after your dream but it's hard because you live in a world where only certain type of people (genetically perfect) get that privalage that you need in order to go after that dream and achieve it (because you are genetically inferior). Really loved the storyline, the acting (Ethan Hawke, Jude Law and Uma Thurman?!) and the music.

Snowpiercer: I was curious about this movie because it was Sci-Fi and it had that end of the world storyline. It's about a few people that survived a global warming experiment that went wrong causing the earth to freeze more and more everyday and all of these people were lucky enough to board the train called Snowpiercer, that goes around the earth non-stop. Of course this train has it's own system and the more you are at the back the worse the conditions get. And as a cause of these conditions the people in the back decide to take over the train in order to live better, but of course they will face many obsticales and come to know the truth about the system. I like the storyline but there are some plot holes, beware of that. The acting is not so bad. The movie is dark in color but not gore. Overall it's not bad.

Would You Rather: I heard that this movie was not good but I really wanted to see why it wasn't good. If this idea could've been used with better actors, storyline (character development which was missing in the movie)and directing it might have been amazing. The ending of this movie was okay but I totally saw it coming. Basically it was a waste of time. The villian seemed like a friggen game show host but who knows maybe that's what they were going for since they were playing a "game".

Divergent: This movie was awesome. I didn't know that Divergent would be good because I haven't heard about the franchise (trilogy?) but even though I didn't read the books I felt pretty close to it. From the actors to the music, this movie had it all. It also kind of gave me the same feeling I had when I first watched Hunger Games. The discovering of a new world, getting to know the characters and really loving them. And the fact that Divergent is all about identity and finding out where you really belong and who you really are it totally speaks out to a wide range of people.


  1. I'm really interested to watch Divergent, have heard it's meant to be good! hope you're enjoying your internship, despite the early mornings! xx

  2. Ah! I really wanted to watch Snowpiercer and divergent, so now I'm excited! And Gattaca seems super interesting! Summer movie time~

  3. Good luck with the internship

    I haven't seen any of these, but i'm pretty tempted to watch Snowpiercer x

  4. def adding these to my list!

  5. yay i haven't watched any of these, what a shame! good luck hun!