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Monday, May 5, 2014

Hi peeps! I had planned that I would do an outfit post and I had the opportunity yesterday to take some shots and share with you. My sister helped me out with this one so hugs and kisses go to her. It was hot yesterday and we were going to go the marina so I thought I would wear this outfit. I like to wear jeans but none of them are as funky and summery as this one that I just got last month. It is also the first high waisted jeans I've purchased so I'm pretty excited to wear it every single day haha. The shirt I got from h&m a while back when they had a huge clearence and I just started to wear it for the first time these days. I'm starting to love mismatching prints and I think I hit the jackpot with these two, but of course I'll probably find other amazing combinations. Also I bought new shoes! Loving the quality of them (wouldn't expect less from Lacoste) and they are so comfortable, much better than chucks. And of course I added my favorite necklace from Sugar&Vice to give the outfit a much more summery feel. I felt tropical all over ♡♡

 Knit Sweater: LCW 
 T-Shirt: H&M 
 Necklace: Sugar&Vice 
 Shoes: Lacoste 

P.S. I forgot my lens cap in my back pocket during this photo session so it might look like I have an extra piece of ass but nope that's not me lol. But you probably wouldn't have noticed it anyway but now I've told you so yay me.


  1. I love how 2 so different prints looks on U!

  2. Lovely outfit post, great photo backdrop. The pattern mixing is really cool!
    I have similar jeans but I got them from Primark... I thought they were the same!

  3. I'm in love with this top! So sweet and summery<3 xx


  4. aw wow, well done to your sister for managing to capture these awesome shots of you, and of course yourself for concocting this amazing outfit! I luurve the mix of prints, and how all the colours compliment each other perfectly. you have such an unexpected style, it's such a treat to see your posts. looking super pretty girl, i always think your makeup is so nice as well!!
    beaut scenery toooo xx

  5. I love the mismatching prints!! You wear it so well! The marina is an awesome location for a photoshoot, especially in the evening.

  6. Such a lovely location for the photos!
    Loving the clashing prints.
    Especially the pineapples :)


  7. Love the jeans, you're right, they scream "summer!".

  8. I like your outfit looks so much *_* I wish I had same clothes really. Please, add that kind of post often! These are huge inspiration!

  9. Mis matched prints rule! I love this combo!
    And, didn't even notice the extra piece of arse haha ;)

  10. Very interesting!! I love your t-shirt :3