Everyday Makeup Essentials

Saturday, May 10, 2014

I've been really into watching YouTube videos lately, mostly about makeup or hauls etc. The makeup ones made me more interested in putting on makeup. I used to NOT put on a lot of things and I still don't but I've found that having a few extra beauty products wouldn't hurt. That's where the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation and The Balm Cos. Blush comes in. I have used foundation throughout highschool but the minute I went into uni I stopped. I was just lazy and my face was dry but at the same time with acne so I wasn't feeling it. Same thing goes with the blush but I didn't use any of that before. I did forget to add my lipstick to these photos but I mostly use Kate Moss 107 or a recent 110 purchase that my sis bought which is more coral than red. Anyways onto the essentials.. 

This foundation is incredible. I put on some cream before I apply it because well my face is so damn dry yo. It actually smells amazing like it already has some kind of moisturizer in it that makes it smell so good which is always a plus when you are putting something on your face. Also it blends in great and covers up any imperfections/acne and makes the face all one color (I have some redness on the classical T spot. Pores suck.)

My sis bought this blush and it works magic on our faces. It's a dusty rose color and its really bright when you put it on so I try not to put so much on because it'll be too much. Less is more, is my motto. But it's definitely moneys worth.

I won this from a giveaway a long long time ago and I actually shared it on here I think but I've started using this in the begining of this year mostly. This Bourjois eyeshadow is amazeballs. It's says the number is 08 so if you want a slightly shimmery tan color for an eyeshadow you better check this one out. I use it every single day (literally).

I've already talked about this but it is still my favorite eyeliner. It's easy to use and stays on forever and comes off pretty easy when taken off with makeup removers. It's also not expensive, which has always shocked me because you think it would be worth more but it isn't. It's just great.

P.S.: I still use all the things on my Can't Live Without Makeup post. As you can see, on there lipstick, eyeliner and eyeshadow choices are (pretty much) the same but I have stopped using primer on a regular basis but I still do use it (I just don't want it to end).


  1. That foundation sounds wonderful, I will have to try it! I tend to be kind of lazy with the foundation too, and especially with blush! But I would like to wear them more often.

  2. I'm so not an eyeshadow girl (foundation, eyeliner, mascara, bit of blush and tinted balm does the trick for me) but I might try experimenting with a wash of neutral colour. The Bourjois packaging is SO cute as well, aw. The Balm seems like such a nice brand, oooh kinda pricey though! xx

  3. Ooh that blush looks super pretty, really cute packaging too! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  4. I've always wanted to try that foundation! I love trying out drugstore foundations because even if they're not good they were so cheap. I might have to go buy this now..