Monthly Sponsors: Verveine Orange

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lovely Fantine from Verveine Orange was my sponsor this month! Having her on my sidebar is such a pleasure, she is an amazing person and a very talented photographer. You should see her photos of Paris ♡ Today she wanted to share with you guys her vintage items that she has thrifted. She took some wonderful photos of her valued treasures and wrote a bit about their story.. Enjoy reading her thoughts about her lovely items.. I know I did! 

"I found this trumpet boy in a pretty village thrift store in the middle of the countryside. I like the fact that his eyes are moving, depending on how you hold it. It was kind of a heart crush when I saw it. This little boy is now standing near my tea jars."

"This seahorse in formol is an unconventional treasury, it is the most popular object in my home and he always manage to get all the attention everytime someone comes. I found it in a garage sale in the suburbs of Paris on a sunny sunday and the seller sold it to me for a crust of bread. "

"This vanity-case was bought in a yard sale a few years back. As I take the train very often I used to carry it as a tiny suitcase. This is exactly like Mary Poppins' bag, the thing is, it looks small but you can't imagine how many things you can actually put in here."

"I recently bought this camera on Ebay for nothing, I wanted to try shooting films because it feels really important to me to have the photos printed and shooting films is perfect for it. Also I thought it would help me improve my photography skills since you can't take 500 photos and delete the bad ones, you just have one chance and you have to focus and concentrate to make it perfect."


  1. Love all these little items. I think the seahorse one is my favorite!

  2. that camera <3 dream!