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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Haven't posted film photos on here in a long time so I thought I might just drop a few. I took these photos on Monday & Tuesday and got them developed asap. The photos turned out pretty clear but of course the film was expired so they are a bit grainy than usual but I love that it like that anyway. Even though the weather is shitty right now on both those days it was absolutely amazing and these photos will always remind me of that. Istanbul is just very pretty when the sun comes out. Hope I can take more photos in different places in the future and share it with you lovely people <3 If you'd like to see more I've put some on my Flickr, check it out.

I've used a Zenit 122 and Kodak Gold 200 (expired in 2000) when taking these photos.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lovely Fantine from Verveine Orange was my sponsor this month! Having her on my sidebar is such a pleasure, she is an amazing person and a very talented photographer. You should see her photos of Paris ♡ Today she wanted to share with you guys her vintage items that she has thrifted. She took some wonderful photos of her valued treasures and wrote a bit about their story.. Enjoy reading her thoughts about her lovely items.. I know I did! 

"I found this trumpet boy in a pretty village thrift store in the middle of the countryside. I like the fact that his eyes are moving, depending on how you hold it. It was kind of a heart crush when I saw it. This little boy is now standing near my tea jars."

"This seahorse in formol is an unconventional treasury, it is the most popular object in my home and he always manage to get all the attention everytime someone comes. I found it in a garage sale in the suburbs of Paris on a sunny sunday and the seller sold it to me for a crust of bread. "

"This vanity-case was bought in a yard sale a few years back. As I take the train very often I used to carry it as a tiny suitcase. This is exactly like Mary Poppins' bag, the thing is, it looks small but you can't imagine how many things you can actually put in here."

"I recently bought this camera on Ebay for nothing, I wanted to try shooting films because it feels really important to me to have the photos printed and shooting films is perfect for it. Also I thought it would help me improve my photography skills since you can't take 500 photos and delete the bad ones, you just have one chance and you have to focus and concentrate to make it perfect."

Movies, Movies, Movies!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I might start adding up to these lists as I go on with these kinds of posts. Usually I talk about 4 movies but I'm not going to limit myself anymore. As long as a movie I watch has review value than I'll put it up here.

Captain Phillips: This was the latest movie I watched even though it came out a while ago. It's a psychological thriller based on a true story. I was actually skeptical about it but I decided to watch it after my friends recommended it for me. They told me I had to watch it because it was one of Tom Hanks' best. I will have to agree with them on this. This movie was amazing on so many levels from start to finish. I literally felt every feeling in this movie. I was teriffied, excited, confused, sad etc. It definitely got through to me. Acting is top notch and the plot.. well it is based on a true story so it was amazing and very well written. If you haven't watched it, watch it asap.

Jeune & Jolie: This is a coming of age / sexual awakening movie but of course with a twist. I still don't get why the main character had a secret life of prostitution. Was it her interest in the act or some sort of escape from her life that seemed to be troubling her.. I still don't know. Maybe I missed the point. Other than the fact that there were some missing points (at least for me) I still love the cinematography, acting and music throughout the film.

Barefoot: I chose to watch this movie to pass time really but it turned out to be so sweet. It's actually a remake from a German version but I haven't checked that one out yet. I'm not sure if I could feel the chemistry between the actors but I absolutely loved the way Evan Rachel Wood acted, she really brought life to the character and gave me something to remember the film by. Watch this one if you're feeling romantic!

Spectacular Now: This was a good pass time movie. The main characters were interesting and the actors were portraying them interestingly as well. I had mixed feelings about the acting and the story actually but I always loved teen romance movies or something of that sort so it was nice. The movie also had its moments but I guess I don't really feel it as a whole. Something just didn't click.

Endless Love: Another teenage love story. This one was not good though, I couldn't take it seriously. I mean it had the feeling of "The Notebook" but the script and acting of this was far worse. It's basically the same concept so if you're into these kinds of movies (I know I am) than you can give this one a try. (This one might be a remake also).

Veronica Mars Movie: YAY! I have been waiting for this movie since I watched Veronica Mars last year! I'm so glad people funded this movie. The actors, script, music, basically everything was amazing. It's clear that everyone knew what they were doing when making this film because they tried to give something to everyone that would make them happy and I'm pretty sure they succeeded. And I'm just so glad we got the closure.

*Photos taken from Google Images*

Collection: Life Magazine 1960s Issues 41-52

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Final part of the series guys! Thank you so much for all the comments you have left for these posts :) This time I added two extras as I didn't want to leave them out and I didn't want to just make a post with just two so this is a picture heavy post a bit more than usual.
For Our College and Highschool Teens: When I saw this page I was like "Omg PLAID". Really love the 3rd dress. There are so many dresses like that right now but modern ones are a bit shorter on the length of course.
A Few Prêt-à-Porter Designs For Our Teens: This page is a dream. Especially in the 2nd photo I basically fell in love with the skirt. Absolutely adorable with the top :) I also learned a new term Prêt-à-Porter which means Ready-to-wear.
Most Elegant Coat Designs From Parisian Tailors: Really elegant indeed. Collars are always great for these types of coats, makes is more cosy.
Wool Models Of The Season: Love the 4th one but I don't really get the last one because it looks pretty huge. A lot of women today wouldn't want to wear that, they would say "it makes me look fat." 
Street Style From Famous Parisian Fashion Designers: So weird that these are called street style as from my point of view they are pretty much suited for work or serious events etc. Well there is more than 50 years in between the fashion then and now, so things have changed. Duh, Elif.
Elegant Dresses and Two-Piece Suits For The Afternoon
New Two-Piece Suits Of The Season: I guess two piece suits were in fashion back then but I do want to say that I really love the cape on photo number two. It looks incredible with the suit, doesn't it?
1960-1961 Winter
Comfy Dresses
Evening Gowns Are This Years Trend: Oh hello crop top, you've seemed to have made a comeback :) We might actually see some really chic crop tops soon. They are a huge deal this year!
It's A Season Of Events: J'adore the first dress. Very cute but needs to be shorter for me ;)
Sportive Dresses Of British People For Winter Vacations: Love the plaid coat actually (top right corner). Compared to the other photos these are sporty but again from here not really. Can't believe the changes in fashion, so incredible.