LUSH Bubblegum Lipscrub & Each Peach Massage Bar Review

Saturday, March 22, 2014

I realized that since I'm pretty versatile with my blog content I should also post more often about beauty & skincare products. I have been reading reviews on blogs to get info about a product that I'm going to buy and it really helps me out. I also love hearing the negative parts of the product if there is any and I believe that being honest with these things is the best (amongst other things... since we should always be honest about everything lol). Also I do take into consideration that things will work differently on different people so no review would effect me 100%. Here we go!
I've read reviews of this on a couple of blogs and it was always very intriguing. When my sister bought this for new years I was thrilled. I now had the opportunity to see if those reviews had truth in them and they sure did on some points! First of all this thing does not work magic on my lips but it does make it look & feel smooth. When I used it for the first time I was very impressed because my lips felt amazing and the effects lasted long but later on it felt pretty normal. I actually have very dry lips and I'm a biter so using this product was heaven for me but I wish I knew what I did the first time so I could do it again because now it doesn't get as smooth and the effects don't last as long. Secondly, it tastes so good. It says that you could either wash it off or lick it off and I do tend to go for the latter choice. It's very yummy indeed and has no harm! And lastly, it is very easy to apply and totally organic. Overall I give it 8/10.
I've never read a review about this and never heard of it until my sister got it for new years but this product should get all the recognition it deserves. My sister and I are absolutely in love with this thing and we can not stop using it. I actually thought it was soap when I first saw it but of course that's just me being silly. It's a massage bar that moisturizes your skin and also makes it smell amazing. I think its smell is one of the things that made us fall in love. I actually have some on my hands now and it's pretty strong and lovely. I've only used this on my hands but I guess you can use it for wherever. It gets oily when using it as it gets dry in its box but don't worry the box is for to keep it dry when it gets pretty hot. Also it does refreshen the skin where it's applied and makes it pretty comfortable. Overall I give it 10/10.


  1. lush is magic. i remember you posting about greasy hair and greasy skin, well i bought lush solid shampoo for greasy hair, jumping juniper. this is miraculous, it changed my life; in ten years i couldn't find any shampoo this effective!

    the way you describe that massage bar smell makes me want to go out and buy it immediately! i am definitely going to look after it. thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh mon Dieu, I have to try that shampoo! Thank you so much for the recommendation <3

  2. Both gorgeous products to use, xoxo.

  3. These posts are definitely useful! I love that lip scrub, but I haven't had it for ages... My lips have been a bit dry recently, so I might repurchase. I'd love to try that massage bar as well! xx

  4. I love LUSH products! I really love your blog, so what about following each other? Let me know on ! Regards from Poland :*

  5. that bubblegum scrub is the best thing on the whole world <3 it's so deliciouuussss yumm!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I really want to try one of the lip scrubs. If it tastes as well as smells good, it's definitely a winner!! :) Love your blog.
    Grace x

  7. I'd love to try out the lip scrub, it looks and sounds lovely and I do want to try some more LUSH products out this year!x

    Kathryn | effievanity

  8. The Each Peach massage bar is awesome! It's probably one of the first items I ever used from Lush many years ago and my other half loves a back massage using this!

    Best wishes, Danielle x