Don't try to wake me in the morning

Friday, March 28, 2014

I wore this outfit on Sunday for a blogger event but I never made it there. The bus that my sis and I were going to take didn't show up so we thought that anything else would just make the ride longer and we would spend the majority of the day on the road. Because of this we decided not to go so we stopped by the cemetery to take some outfit photos. I didn't want our free time to go to waste and we did spend some time getting ready so it was the perfect opportunity. My style differs from day to day so I can never say that I belong to a certain category. This day it was pretty badass.

 Some of these clothes are pretty old (jacket, pants, tee). I've probably gotten them ages ago but I did just get creepers and I'm loving them. They are dupes but I think they look pretty good. These are probably not as comfortable as the real ones but they are fine and I've been wearing them pretty much everday since I got them. I'm actually going to stop for a while as they are getting old pretty fast and I wouldn't want that to happen. Another thing that's new is the plaid shirt around my waist. I got that on sale in January and it has been a favorite ever since. It has amazing quality and its material is thicker than normal so it's perfect for autumn, winter, spring but not so much for summer. My glasses will do the trick for the summer season though. They are new as well, my sis got them as a present for me (again). Oh la la! She also got me the world watch recently. I HAVE BEEN SPOILED. Just Kidding. But isn't this watch amazing and it was so cheap! The only problem with it is that it's pretty loud compared to other watches but who cares, it's very cute and vintage! Oh and I'm wearing my seahorse necklace from Sugar & Vice again. You can tell that it really is my favorite necklace.

 Jacket: Berhska 
 Tee: Unknown 
Pants: ADL 
Plaid Shirt: Bershka 
Creepers: Gift
Watch: Ebay 
Necklace: Sugar & Vice 
Sunglasses: Ali Express


  1. The creepers are absolutely gorgeous, and the necklace is so sweet and really unusual!

    S xo.

  2. the two last photos are my favorite.

  3. ooh, i love your watch and necklace! x

  4. I loooove these! I've tried so many times to pull this kind of outfit off and I never. You perfectly do though! And you're such a pretty face ♥