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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fantine started her blog because she wanted a place where she could share her photography. Photography is her way of keeping her memories and whatever she sees around documented. She lives in Paris so she is always surrounded by inspiration. I believe that she takes the most incredible photos of Paris, it makes me want to go back there again. She also has an etsy shop called La Manufakture where she makes felted animals. She opened up her shop because she was bored, she needed a job and for her self-confidence. It soon became theraputic for her and evolved into something she is very proud of. I absolutely adore her creations. She has an eye for things that are cute, pretty and lovely!
I have been a follower of Jess for a really long time and I have always enjoyed reading her posts. Her blog is versatile and unique, it doesn't just focus on one subject. It could go from her product reviews to her adventures documented with amazing photographs. Sometimes she will even throw some humour in there and make you laugh! Her blog name always draws me in since I am such a fan of wearing red lipstick like how she is! :)
Gilded Butterflies: Valeria uses her blog to share her beautiful photos with her incredible writing which I read gladly everytime and am always amazed by her.

What Naomi Wrote: Naomi just started her blog in the summer of 2013 but her blog is already growing strong. Her blog is a mixture of everything from lifestyle to beauty.

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Movies Movies Movies!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day! I actually had an outfit post planned for today but I couldn't work it out and I totally wish I had taken photos earlier. I think I learned a lesson today, take photos beforehand! Anyways I have been spending time watching movies during my long vacation off uni and I'm still on vacation and will probably watch more but I wanted to talk about some movies I recently watched and enjoyed very much. I have been obsessing over Ewan McGregor lately so 3 of the movies are his. Here I go!

Into The Wild: Based on a true story about Chris McCandless who leaves society and goes to live in the wild to be free of everything and to live his dreams to the fullest. The film was of course very emotional and had lots of meaningful messages and Emile Hirsch was amazing at acting, he got all of the emotion through to me. I loved all the places Chris had visited during his 2 years of traveling and Sean Penn did an amazing job at capturing the scenery for the big screen. I had never heard of the story before so everything I saw on screen was new and suprising to me and I'm so glad I now know about Chris because this truly is an extraordinary story.

The Impossible: Based on a true story about a tourist family who were in Thailand during the tsunami in 2004. Even though the original story is about a Spanish family the family in the movie is English and so the story pretty much shapes itself around white middle-class people with a few Thai appearances (this detail might put off some of you but the important thing is the story I think). The tsunami was a tragic event and I have watched tons of documentaries and stories on YouTube about it. One does not have to be present at the spot to understand the tragedy of such things and I get emotional everytime I hear inspirational stories from people who have survived. This family was very lucky to have survived and told their story.

Beginners: I have to be honest and say that I only watched this film for Ewan McGregor and I'm so glad it turned out to be amazing. After the death of his wife 75 year old Hal Fields (played by Christopher Plummer) comes out of the closet and starts to freely experience his homosexuality. The story however revolves around Oliver Fields (played by Ewan McGregor) who's life is shaped by his experiences with his mother and father. These experiences therefore affect his romantic relationships which makes up his character. In the movie we see him with Anna (played by Melanie Laurent) who also has her own story. I really loved the chemistry between the characters in the movie Christopher & Ewan and Melanie & Ewan scenes where very well acted. Later on I also found out that this was a true story about the director of the movie himself!!

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen: The story is about a sheik who has the vision to bring salmon into the Yemen and he has much faith in doing this which is the impossible. On the other hand fish expert Dr. Alfred Jones (McGregor) has no faith in this project (actually has no faith in general) and knows it is impossible but accepts to take part in this project as he spends more time with the sheik and Harriet (played by Emily Blunt). As the story evolves he realizes that he has more faith than he had imagined. 

Sorry if this was a bit long! See you soon <3
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The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day & Night Creme

Sunday, February 9, 2014

I always thought my face was oily because my hair gets greasy the day after I take a shower but within this year I realized that this was not true. My skin is pretty sensitive and has lots of redness around the T zone area and I get acne even though my face is really dry. I knew I had to do something about this soon so I went to The Body Shop with my sister and she got me these two cremes that the worker recommended for my skin. I have been putting them on for a month now and I feel that it is working really well. I can feel my skin refreshed and slowly becoming smoother. The only problem is that using just the cremes will not work because I believe that the reason my face is so dry is because it is dehydrated. I usually forget to drink water during winter and that is really bad as you all know. So with the help of the cremes and not forgetting to drink water I think I can really transform my dry face into a healthy smooth face.

Even though the cremes are a bit expensive I think they were a great purchase. I know that my face being dehydrated is slowing down the process but I have no complaints about the cremes. Also I don't know if it's just me but I feel like the redness of my face and some of my acne scars have been dissappearing since I have used the cremes but who knows I could just be imagining it. I will let you know of how everything turns out and thanks so much for reading!