You Better Be Good 2014

Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's my second year setting up goals for myself and I sure hope I do better this time. 

Read 15 Books: I read 14. That counts right? 
Get Out More: I did not do good for this one. I was basically home all the time even though I was doing better at it before Summer came along and everyone left.
Pass All Classes: Well finals start on Monday and we'll see if I accomplish this one.
Add 2 New Cameras to Collection: This one I pretty much doubled! I added 4 new cameras and I'm absolutely thrilled. They all came from family members who are well aware of my love of photography. 
Press More Plants: I pressed more than I did during 2012 but not as much as I wanted to.
Shoot Film: This is one of those goals I failed at miserably. I shot only about 5-6 rolls, which is a dissapointment. Grr.
Organize My Mothers Stamp Collection: I did this one recently and I'm so happy about it. Who knew it was that hard to find a friggen stamp album?!
Finish Re-decorating My Room: Well my sister and I share the room so it's not mine but we came really close to finishing. We only have a bit left to do.

2014 Goals
Read 15 Books: Since I only read 14 this year I'm going to give this another try. 
Get a Record Player: I already have a record collection which happened this year but I can't listen to them because I don't have a player. 
Add 2 New Cameras To Collection: Its weird because my dad already got me one today, even though he got me the same model. So now I only have one more to go.
Put Up Paintings: The walls in our house are empty and I really want to decorate it with lovely paintings and photographs. 
Shoot Film: Well hello there, I'll try this one again.
Blog More: I've already started blogging more but I want it to be a lot more.
Overcome Fears: Everyone has fears and I have my own. I just want to leave a couple of them behind this year.

♡ And as always my goals include being happy and healthy. And I wish this upon everyone 


  1. Totally counts! I definitely need to put up art as well. All of it is just leaning against the wall haha.

  2. I have about 3 record players! I always seem to pick them up or be given record players because I've collected records so long. People are always trying to get rid of them! I hope you manage to get hold of one this year :) XX

  3. great post, and best wishes on the new year.

  4. great goals!
    i wish you a good start of this brand new year!

  5. This is definitely inspiring me to make some goals for this year! I'm terrible at New Years resolutions as such, but setting goals seems a little funner and less of a chore haha


  6. Getting a record player is on my list, too,
    I have a record, but can't play it, so I definitely look
    for one. :)

    And I hope that you will blog more - I like your blog so, so much
    and would be happy to read more from you. :)

  7. "Shoot Film" awww :) Amen to that!
    The only reason why I've never set up goals or resolutions is because I know I will let myself down.

  8. wow! you got four cameras? that's so awesome! i think your list is quite simple

  9. Love ur goals ^^
    Let us know what u read!


  10. nice goals! have a happy year!
    Giveaway on my blog

  11. you honestly have the loveliest blog, elif!
    bella x

  12. Great goals! Hope you accomplish them all :) x
    Would you like to follow each other? Just follow and I'll follow right back :)

  13. :) These are great goals! I have a few similar goals such as read more books. ♥
    I love your blog too, very cute layout.

  14. such inspiring goals. wish you can reach all of them!


  15. Lovely goals!! I hope you accomplish them :) I'm so glad I found your blog, it is so pretty and you're adorable! Would you like to follow each other? :)