Books I've Been Reading (Goal Recap)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

It's almost end of the year and I just can't believe it. 2013 was better than 2012 for me so I hope 2014 will be even better. Anyways, I'm back today to talk about some of the books I've read. As always I will keep it short and simple and if you are wondering my goals for this year you can find it HERE.
1.Dracula by Bram Stoker: I should have read this book a really long time ago but I never had interest until I actually started wondering about the story of Dracula. I wondered about the origin of the species, the father of all and why it was so terrifying considering the recent vampires are not so scary. Even though the plot of the book moved slow for me I still enjoyed reading the steps towards finding out what this thing was and how to get rid of it. It was very thrilling.

2.Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov: I have been wanting to read this one for ages and I finally did. The usage of language was very poetic and sometimes hard to understand (for me) but overall the story was amazing. I still can't believe English is Nabokov's second language, he wrote this book beautifully. I don't really have much to say because many people know the story but I just have to say this "Humbert, you crazy dawg!".

3.Eye by Vladimir Nabokov: This book was the first book written by Nabokov in first person. This fact was the reason why I bought the book because I wanted to see how different it could be from the pov of Lolita. The language was the same, poetic and literate but I lost track at some point so I had to read a short analysis to really understand it.

4.Lord of The Flies by William Golding: Oh my this book had its effects on me. I wish it wasn't as heartbreaking and at some point I was shocked at how the story was developing and all these things happened. The language was very simple and moving so I had no trouble falling apart from the story. I strongly recommend this book, if you haven't read it already of course.

5.Kara Kedinin Gölgesi by Yekta Kopan: I bought this book at the book fair because Kopan was there to sign his books and because of the title "The Shadow of the Black Cat". Turns out the book doesn't really have a plot and is made up of poems about different events (stories), which was very unexpected.

6.The Book of General Ignorance by John Lloyd and John Mitchinson: There is a saying that ignorance is the key to happiness and I believe this statement is right to a certain point. When I saw this book I was like "hmm, how ignorant could I be?" and as I read the book I found out that apparently I didn't know much. The questions were very interesting but there were so many trick questions in this book that it made reading it more fun. Yay to finding out about stuff!

7.The Other Side of the Couch by Gary Small and Gigi Vorgan: This book is made up different stories of patients of Dr.Small. The chapters are kept short and entertaining. The book is informative so for people who don't have much information about psychology, like me, could also read this book and learn about it. I really enjoy books based on real events so this book was very fluent. Also the fact that we actually got this book signed by Gary Small and his wife Gigi Vorgan at the book fair made me attached to the book even more. Really loved the usage of the language, everything was very clear and understandable. Definitely my favorite from the bunch.

Another 7 books which totalls up to 14 with the last ones. I still have to read one more though which shows that I'm clearly not going to make it by the time it's 2014. Well lets just hope I do! By the way if I don't make it I'll still be happy because it will be more than what I've read last year. If you are wondering the books I've read before you can find the post HERE.


  1. I love to read :) good luck with all your reading! Ive been wanting to read Lolita for a while,let me know how it goes! Becca x

  2. I'm thinking of making a reading resolution for myself this year. I'm aiming for one book a month, or 12 in one year. I have a slight head start as I started my first book last week. Congrats on reaching your goal!

    ~K |

  3. I loved Lolita, I need to read his other work! I really enjoyed LOTF as well xx

  4. Oh Lolita <3
    happy new year ! :)

  5. Lolita ♥
    Let me know if you have a Goodreads account, so we can add each other and check some books out. I'm ashamed I haven't read Bram Stoker's Dracula yet...!