My Favorite Lipsticks

Saturday, November 16, 2013

First of all let me start of by saying that I do not own a lot of lipsticks but it is one of the most frequent make-up items that I use. My eyeliner probably comes first but lipstick is really important for me, especially in the winter season because I get cold and my lips turn purplely and I need to cover them up. Anyways out of like 10 lipsticks these 4 are my fave.
I discovered Kate Moss 107 and 04 this year. Both of them were bought by my sister but the 04 one was a surprise. I actually wanted a purple lipstick for a while and seeing this she knew she had to get it for me aha. I really love the fact that it is actually dark purple which really suites my winter style of dark clothes. But I do have to say that the vast difference between the color of my lips and 04 is a bit of a problem, I have to be on alert if the lipstick starts wearing off and my lips look patched. The Max Factor one was my mothers and I'm so so sad its almost finished. It's probably my favorite from the bunch. The green lipstick is from a turkish bazaar, the cheapest yet prettiest lipstick ever. The color of it is a little pinkish on the lips and the shiny spiked gold cover is just dreamy ♡♡♡
P.S. The photos were taken with flash and they are a bit shiny because I had to take them after it got dark. I still haven't gotten used to how little time we have of daylight :( 

32. Istanbul Book Fair

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Well I know the title says book fair and I started off with art galary photos but the book fair doesn't involve just books. The first hall that we went into had so many paintings and I had to photograph some of my faves. I didn't get to look around much because we still had to go through a ton of books in the other halls and we didn't really want to spend so much time at the fair as it gets extremely crowded toward the end of the day.
The three photos in the middle were taken at the freestyle section of the gallary and I think they were getting more attention among us teens and young adults. The first and the last one I don't really remember the section or who painted them, unfortunately.
This one was a fave. I don't know why but it just seemed soothing. The moon is so huge compared to the house and usually when its from our point of view (on earth) its the opposite. Yeah we know that the moon is huge but its so far away that it looks smaller than our houses. Anyways, you get what I mean right?
They were actually selling art supplies towards the exit of this certain hall, which I thought was pretty neat. But of course it was more expensive than usual.
Places to shop for new books at.
I spent my time at Sahaflar (is actually located in Beyazıt, Istanbul and its a place where they sell old books and such) section of the fair. Sahaflar is actually losing its touch in Beyazıt because they have started selling new course books for students who are entering the exam but when its book fair time they all come together from different parts of Istanbul and sell their old books, posters, comics, records etc.
Got our books signed by Ayşe Kulin and Gary Small.
Got over 20 books! Yay!

I actually went to the fair 3 times but only brought my camera the first day we went. It was very tiring but buying books is so much fun. I will share the books as I read them. Now I must go study as I only have like an hour to do so because after that I'm off to bed and will have to wake up at 6 and try to be at my exam at 8:45. It will be a very tiring day tomorrow ahaha (I hate waking up that early). Have a wonderful week!

Istanbul Railway Museum on Film

Monday, November 4, 2013

I woke up late today so I couldn't go to class but I decided that I didn't want to spend the day at home so I went and got my film developed at last. These photos are from late September I think. I had just gotten a new camera from my uncle and I went into the city to get batteries for it and that same day I came across this museum. It was just a room full of all these old items related to trains, railroads etc. Since it was my first time using the camera I didn't know much about it and I hadn't done any reading on how to shoot with it so I just rolled with it lol :D The room was a bit dark so the bottom four photos came out a bit shaky (and some photos that I did not include here came out dark) but the camera has an external flash so in the future I will definitely use it to prevent this from happening (I didn't have it with me that day , unfortunately)
TCDD stands for Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Devlet Demiryolları (Turkish State Railways) and the last photo is the front of one of the electrical trains which started being used in 1955. It was pretty cool seeing it and playing with the wheel as I couldn't really hold myself from doing that. The photo above the last one has items related with the hospitals that were a part of Turkish State Railways. 

I have to thank everyone who took/takes time to comment on my posts I cherish every single one of those comments and I reply to any questions asked so check back if you ever ask one!