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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

This was my outfit today but right now I'm sitting in my pjs listening to The Beatles and getting ready to sleep (after I write this post of course!). Anyways this week is a holiday (sacrifice holiday to be exact) for us so we have no school, no work, nothing. We usually spend these days visiting relatives. My grandma lives at the building next to ours and usually we head there the first day and we see some of our relatives there because they visit the grandparents as they are the oldest in the family. The remaining days we start visiting other relatives we haven't seen yet and so on. I like seeing and catching up with relatives but with this holiday I gotta say that I really don't like the smell of freshly cut meat. I mean yes I do eat meat but I'm not fond of this kind even though I did eat one bite. Good thing the first day is over though because I am tired (not as much as my mom though).
Cardigan: H&M       Shirt: H&M       Skirt: Clothing Swap        Necklace: Gift

Oh remember when I went to a Clothing Swap event? Well I got this skirt from there! It was actually a bit big for me so I thought my sis could wear it but it was small on her so I decided to hand it to the tailor to size it down and it worked. Now its perfect for me :) Also, I got the h&m cat printed shirt (my new favorite shirt!) and cardigan on clearence and I'm thrilled. They were both a great find =^.^= And I thought that nothing would be better than this cardigan to give some color to a black & white outfit combination. Was I right?