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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Well as you can see I've come with an outfit post today. I haven't done one in a while and I got a couple of new things I wanted to share with you all. I want to say that I actually wore this outfit last weekend at Bursa (my little getaway that I will make a post about, with film photos!) and I took photos at the beach but I hated them when we came back to Istanbul so I took new ones for you at home. 

Firstly, I purchased this top at the end of June and I fell in love with it. I'm not really fond of tie-front tops because I don't really like the attention but this one was way too lovely to resist (here I tucked it in so it looks like a normal blouse). I was actually going to exchange it (it has a pen mark on it) but I couldn't find another one so after a month I just kept it. And last weekend I wore it outside for the first time and it was awesome. Secondly, I won a giveaway at Let Them Stare that my sister entered for me and it came last week. This red velvet skirt is a perfect fit for me and the material is absolutely awesome. This is my first velvet piece and I'm really glad to have it! :) And lastly, aren't these shoes the cutest? They are a great fit and really easy to walk in =^.^= My sister recently started working and she got me a present with her first pay. It was a suprise for me but she follows my blog and she saw I posted these shoes here and decided to get it for me. She is amazing! (Love you sista!) She got it from Sammydress and we are both pretty impressed with the quality. Besides the fact that it takes about a month to get to you I think it is a cool online shop. 

Blouse: Koton     Skirt: Let Them Stare     Shoes: Sammydress     Headband, Ring: Bazaar

Oh by the way this is my first floral headband and I'm obsessed with it, should've gotten one earlier! Darn.
Anyways thanks for reading and don't forget to follow for more posts to come. The next one is pretty exciting (loads of film photos!!). See you later <3


  1. adorable photos! love the shoes so much.
    sarah xx / melatonin

  2. I am in love with the pink polka-dotted blouse, so pretty! I never thought the pink+purple combo would look that good!

  3. I'm not usually a fan of pink but that top is so lovely. I know what you mean about tie-front tops, I'm not a huge fan either, but you can't tell at all when it's tucked in.

    Can I just say how much I adore the fact that there's cats on your shoes. So cute. What a lovely sister you have :)


  4. I love your shirt, the shoes are so amazing as well! Beautiful outfit!xo


  5. Stunning outfit!! Your shoes are so cute...really want a pair!! Also just to let you know as well we're having a giveaway on our blog, feel free to check it out :) xx


  6. I love the outfit♥ You have given me a great idea on how to use my velvet skirt for summer.
    The shoes are amazing, how could they not be? They have cats!

  7. So pretty, love all the elements in this outfit! x


  8. This outfit is perfection! The skirt is gorgeous and those shoes are the cutest! :)

  9. You look lovely! Adore the shoes :)

    Petit Dora xoxo

  10. Gorgeous outfit, your velvet skirt is very appealing!
    I really don't think I could get away with wearing velvet.. you do look fab though and love your ring.

    Thanks for following me, im now following your lovely blog too. Glad i found yours :)



  11. so cute!! I love your velvet skirt. ^^ I have been so in love with anything velvet...and those cat shoes!!! :3 love <3

  12. Thanks for sending your blog over! super cute look, I love it, and that wallpaper is to die for!

    now following sweetie x

  13. Adorable outfit, I am so in love with the shoes!!!

    Ellie xo
    design blog | beauty & style

  14. Well aren't you just the cutest thing! This skirt is such a lovely color on you! Love your ring too.

    Xo, Hannah


  15. Thanks for sending me your like, I absolutely adore those shoes!

    www.fantasyfashionista.blogspot.co.uk x

  16. you look so lovely :) your floral headband is too cute, seriously. And what a lovely sister you have! Aren't siblings the best?! xoxo


  17. AHH!!! I love The National! I knew right away that was what you were referencing. Just stumbled upon your cute blog. Following you! XOXO

    love, polly

  18. ah, you are the cutest lady! i love your headband here and your cat shoes! so cute!

    lindsey louise


  19. good post:D rozaliafashion.blogspot.com

  20. Love the top, so vintage and cute! And your shoes are soo cool!x


  21. I'm totally in love with your shoes!
    I really like your blog!
    It would be nice if we start to follow each other on bloglovin and gfc!
    Let me know if you like the idea ^.^

    Much love,



  22. lovely outfit <3 and adorable shoes.


  23. This is such a sweet look! I love the flower headband & kitty shoes! <3

  24. this look is so sweet & cute! love the top and those shoes!! perfect<3
    + I must have followed you<3