Tirilye on Film

Friday, September 20, 2013

On Sept 6-8 I was at Tirilye which is a small town on the coast of Mudanya, Bursa. My grandpa (fathers dad which I've never met) and his brothers built a house here a long time ago to look over their olive trees and to have a place to go to during the summer. I've only been here twice and I can say that it is very beautiful and has lots of ancient houses & ruins. Tirilye is most famous for its olives and olive oils and this is the job of most of the people that live there. It is also very known for its fish restaurants that are literally full at night with people coming from other places just to get a taste. These two photos above were taken from our house which over looks the town. 

This is the famous Byzantine church Aya Todori which was built in 720-730 AD and after the Turks conquered Tirilye it changes its name to Fatih Mosque and has been used as a mosque since then.

Beautiful houses and streets of Tirilye (the last one I took with my dslr but I had to share it).

Taş Mektep (Stone School) on the left and Kemerli Kilise (Arched Church) on the right (on the top photo its the building on the left). Stone School, which was built in 1907, is know as the school which archbishop Makarious, the former president of Cyprus, attended. In 1924 it opened as a school called Dar-ül Eytam for orphans, who were the children of soldiers that died in the war. The building served as a boarding school, a primary school and a secondary school later on. The Arched Chuch, which was built at the end of the 13th century, is known to be the first church where the walls were painted with pictures (the pictures are still there, I took a couple of photos, but as the building itself is mostly destroyed so are they). 

Took this sunset photo from the terrace of the house next to ours. The next day I wanted to go up there again and my dad told me it was okay and they wouldn't mind well it turns out they do mind and I got yelled at by a lady. I apollogised and left but I was mad at my dad for a while. 

This is actually hotel that was recently opened. The first year I went to Tirilye this building was waiting to be restored and now its something really beautiful looking over to the sea. And our house is behind the house on the right of this photo.

The two photos above I took while we were going to see our olive trees but we actually stopped at this walnut tree and started collecting a whole bunch. It was fun but very tiring. On the way back we ate a couple of figs right from the tree and I spotted this horse and got a quick shot from the car! :) 

Well hope this didn't bore anyone. I took some information from HERE while writing this post. There other stuff written there so if want to know more just click :) 

Photos are taken with Zenit 122 + Fujicolor Superia 200 & Agfa Optima 200 + Fujicolor 200


  1. What beautiful pictures! I love travel posts, I've literally just written about Turkey myself. Those pictures of the old schools are so amazing. XX

  2. This place is just so beautiful! And the photos are stunning, thanks so much for sharing them!

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  4. this place is magic <3

  5. These pictures are amazing!!!! - I would love to visit - it seems so peaceful, calm, and summery.

  6. Oh wow, these photos look beautiful! Love the wanderlust feel.

  7. Such a beautiful view from your house! The town looks really authentic and peaceful.

  8. Oh wow, this place looks surreal. I love your photos. They're so lovely! xo

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  9. oh, wow, stunning photos Elif :) so gorgeous. I want to go to there! lol xx


  10. Lovely pictures!!:)

    Great post, thanks for sharing!:)

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  11. I always love looking at your beautiful film photography. I'm especially entranced with the sunset shot!

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  13. Looks fantastic, so peaceful. I need to travel more.



  14. Lovely photos - definitely didn't bore me :)



  15. These photos are really beautiful...it looks like such an idilic place


  16. What beautiful photos! I've always wanted to go to these kind of places!


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  19. some really great photos there! and looks like such a great place to go!