Books I've Been Reading (Goal Recap)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

It's almost end of the year and I just can't believe it. 2013 was better than 2012 for me so I hope 2014 will be even better. Anyways, I'm back today to talk about some of the books I've read. As always I will keep it short and simple and if you are wondering my goals for this year you can find it HERE.
1.Dracula by Bram Stoker: I should have read this book a really long time ago but I never had interest until I actually started wondering about the story of Dracula. I wondered about the origin of the species, the father of all and why it was so terrifying considering the recent vampires are not so scary. Even though the plot of the book moved slow for me I still enjoyed reading the steps towards finding out what this thing was and how to get rid of it. It was very thrilling.

2.Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov: I have been wanting to read this one for ages and I finally did. The usage of language was very poetic and sometimes hard to understand (for me) but overall the story was amazing. I still can't believe English is Nabokov's second language, he wrote this book beautifully. I don't really have much to say because many people know the story but I just have to say this "Humbert, you crazy dawg!".

3.Eye by Vladimir Nabokov: This book was the first book written by Nabokov in first person. This fact was the reason why I bought the book because I wanted to see how different it could be from the pov of Lolita. The language was the same, poetic and literate but I lost track at some point so I had to read a short analysis to really understand it.

4.Lord of The Flies by William Golding: Oh my this book had its effects on me. I wish it wasn't as heartbreaking and at some point I was shocked at how the story was developing and all these things happened. The language was very simple and moving so I had no trouble falling apart from the story. I strongly recommend this book, if you haven't read it already of course.

5.Kara Kedinin Gölgesi by Yekta Kopan: I bought this book at the book fair because Kopan was there to sign his books and because of the title "The Shadow of the Black Cat". Turns out the book doesn't really have a plot and is made up of poems about different events (stories), which was very unexpected.

6.The Book of General Ignorance by John Lloyd and John Mitchinson: There is a saying that ignorance is the key to happiness and I believe this statement is right to a certain point. When I saw this book I was like "hmm, how ignorant could I be?" and as I read the book I found out that apparently I didn't know much. The questions were very interesting but there were so many trick questions in this book that it made reading it more fun. Yay to finding out about stuff!

7.The Other Side of the Couch by Gary Small and Gigi Vorgan: This book is made up different stories of patients of Dr.Small. The chapters are kept short and entertaining. The book is informative so for people who don't have much information about psychology, like me, could also read this book and learn about it. I really enjoy books based on real events so this book was very fluent. Also the fact that we actually got this book signed by Gary Small and his wife Gigi Vorgan at the book fair made me attached to the book even more. Really loved the usage of the language, everything was very clear and understandable. Definitely my favorite from the bunch.

Another 7 books which totalls up to 14 with the last ones. I still have to read one more though which shows that I'm clearly not going to make it by the time it's 2014. Well lets just hope I do! By the way if I don't make it I'll still be happy because it will be more than what I've read last year. If you are wondering the books I've read before you can find the post HERE.

Collection: Life Magazine 1960s Issues 21-30

Friday, December 20, 2013

It's been a long time since I've shared pages of my grandfathers Life Magazine collection so I thought it would be nice to post about it. Once again it is a photo heavy post so I'll keep the writing to a minimum. I hope the fashion pages inspire people out there. I'm always amazed of how vintage is getting a more modern look these days, it's better than it dissappearing forever. It should always come back. Always.

Lanvin Castillo Love the woman with the black hat and checkered coat. She looks amazing and very sleek!
Revillon I think my favorite from here is the floral coat at the end of the page and also the striped dress next to it. Those two are pretty amazing and they did come back to fashion recently. But I wouldn't go for the striped hat, that would be too much for me.
For Young Gils Oh my goodness when I saw this page the first thing I said was: somebody get me that checkered dress! It is the cutest thing ever and I actually need a dress like that. Oh and it has a collar, what else could I ask for?!
Swimwear Bathing suits did get very popular lately among the vintage lovers and I think they look relly lovely. I really love that they look like corsets on this page, very cool. The only thing I'm not sure about is the hat, I mean what is that yo? Don't like it.
Fashion: Menko Not a fan of two pieced outfits but the dresses on this page look so elegant. The white one looks absolutely stunning, my favorite for sure.
Plain, Cheap and Elegant I wish my mom kept all her clothes because these things are not cheap anymore, which sucks. I mean look at the one on the middle at the bottom row, it's wonderful. Especially, the collar!
Joppy Dress Models I don't know what Joppy means but it might be a mixture of 'sloppy' and 'joy'. And by the look of it I can see that these dresses are bit loose (sloppy) and of course very joyful so the definition might be right. Anyways I've always loved these types of dresses as they look the most comfortable. Especially the first row is my kind of vintage fashion but I wouldn't be able to pull it off aha!
For Those Who Are Getting Engaged In Summer Just give me the first outfit. I won't wear it I'll frame it!
Latest Fashion From Europe I've already talked about bathing suits, so what I love about these photos is the swan in the backround. I wonder if it was brought there for the shoot. I wonder I wonder.
Bathing Suits The striped one is amazing. I can totally see myself wearing it. And again the so called "beach hats" below are totally weird. I wouldn't wear them, I didn't even know they existed.

Goal Recap: Stamp Collection

Monday, December 9, 2013

Beginning of the year I set up a few goals to keep myself a little busy. I have never done it before so I don't know how well I am doing but I crossed off another thing from it last month. I had it in my mind for a while to organize the stamps that were left inside the red box but I couldn't find stamp albums anywhere and when I did it was really expensive. But last month I was walking through the "Sahaflar" section of the book fair and they had a used one for a reasonable price so I grabbed it. I filled up about 11 pages I think and there is still 9 more left which is amazing. I hope I can collect more even though I barely recieve mail with stamps on them. Anyways here are a couple of photographs. By the way you can also go back and see some photos of the collection in a previous post and see how full the box actually was HERE.

The last two are my favorites ♡ 

PS: Thank you for all the comments you have been leaving, it really means a lot to me. Oh and also you guys are awesome! Love you all.

Istanbul Railway Museum on Film

Monday, November 4, 2013

I woke up late today so I couldn't go to class but I decided that I didn't want to spend the day at home so I went and got my film developed at last. These photos are from late September I think. I had just gotten a new camera from my uncle and I went into the city to get batteries for it and that same day I came across this museum. It was just a room full of all these old items related to trains, railroads etc. Since it was my first time using the camera I didn't know much about it and I hadn't done any reading on how to shoot with it so I just rolled with it lol :D The room was a bit dark so the bottom four photos came out a bit shaky (and some photos that I did not include here came out dark) but the camera has an external flash so in the future I will definitely use it to prevent this from happening (I didn't have it with me that day , unfortunately)
TCDD stands for Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Devlet Demiryolları (Turkish State Railways) and the last photo is the front of one of the electrical trains which started being used in 1955. It was pretty cool seeing it and playing with the wheel as I couldn't really hold myself from doing that. The photo above the last one has items related with the hospitals that were a part of Turkish State Railways. 

I have to thank everyone who took/takes time to comment on my posts I cherish every single one of those comments and I reply to any questions asked so check back if you ever ask one! 

Tirilye on Film

Friday, September 20, 2013

On Sept 6-8 I was at Tirilye which is a small town on the coast of Mudanya, Bursa. My grandpa (fathers dad which I've never met) and his brothers built a house here a long time ago to look over their olive trees and to have a place to go to during the summer. I've only been here twice and I can say that it is very beautiful and has lots of ancient houses & ruins. Tirilye is most famous for its olives and olive oils and this is the job of most of the people that live there. It is also very known for its fish restaurants that are literally full at night with people coming from other places just to get a taste. These two photos above were taken from our house which over looks the town. 

This is the famous Byzantine church Aya Todori which was built in 720-730 AD and after the Turks conquered Tirilye it changes its name to Fatih Mosque and has been used as a mosque since then.

Beautiful houses and streets of Tirilye (the last one I took with my dslr but I had to share it).

Taş Mektep (Stone School) on the left and Kemerli Kilise (Arched Church) on the right (on the top photo its the building on the left). Stone School, which was built in 1907, is know as the school which archbishop Makarious, the former president of Cyprus, attended. In 1924 it opened as a school called Dar-ül Eytam for orphans, who were the children of soldiers that died in the war. The building served as a boarding school, a primary school and a secondary school later on. The Arched Chuch, which was built at the end of the 13th century, is known to be the first church where the walls were painted with pictures (the pictures are still there, I took a couple of photos, but as the building itself is mostly destroyed so are they). 

Took this sunset photo from the terrace of the house next to ours. The next day I wanted to go up there again and my dad told me it was okay and they wouldn't mind well it turns out they do mind and I got yelled at by a lady. I apollogised and left but I was mad at my dad for a while. 

This is actually hotel that was recently opened. The first year I went to Tirilye this building was waiting to be restored and now its something really beautiful looking over to the sea. And our house is behind the house on the right of this photo.

The two photos above I took while we were going to see our olive trees but we actually stopped at this walnut tree and started collecting a whole bunch. It was fun but very tiring. On the way back we ate a couple of figs right from the tree and I spotted this horse and got a quick shot from the car! :) 

Well hope this didn't bore anyone. I took some information from HERE while writing this post. There other stuff written there so if want to know more just click :) 

Photos are taken with Zenit 122 + Fujicolor Superia 200 & Agfa Optima 200 + Fujicolor 200

Books I've Been Reading (Goal Recap)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

At the beginning of the year I made a goal to myself that I would read 15 books in 2013 because I've literally stopped reading books for fun and passing time. It was something that I really enjoyed doing and I knew I had to start cathing up with books again. I decided to read whatever was in our bookcase at home but soon realized that some of them were not really my style and it would just be a waste of time. So I read 7 books so far I know its not much but I only started towards April because school work was too intense. 

1. Dreams Die First by Harold Robbins: This is the first book I picked up not knowing it wasn't really my style. It took me a while to finish this one because I was not into it and I can never leave a book unfinished. And this is probably my least favorite of the bunch. 

2. My Sweet Orange Tree by Vasconcelos: I literally cried at the end of this book. It had a great plot and the emotions were greatly reflected on the reader or I wouldn't be crying, believe me. One of my faves for sure.

3. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho: I didn't know we had this book at home and I was really interested in it because I've heard that it was very similar to The Little Prince. I really loved that book when I read it even though I could read it another time to really get into it. It was the same with this book, it had an incredible plot with a great theme but I will probably read it again to fully understand its concept.

4. At the Sign of the Cat and Racket by Honroé de Balzac: This book totally got me by its title. Anything with cats automatically sounds cool to me, I don't know why.  It was not a long book and had lots of similies, which is always a plus for me because it broadens my imagination.

5. Panglor by Jeffrey A. Carver: This book was absolutely awesome it totally goes on the list of my favorite books. I was hooked to it because of the fact that it was set in the future where people could do space travel. I always love reading books from authors who have imagination of what is really out there and Carver sure had some great & weird sci-fi things in mind.

6. The Body in the Basement by Katherine Hall Page: After reading this book I found out that I was totally into mysteries. I mean the whole time I'm like "who killed who, how, when, what, why?!" And the book ends and I'm like "Finally I know who the killer is!" and I can die in peace aha. I will probably read other books by Hall Page because her writing was pretty clear, understandable and of course interesting.

7. False Prophets by Sean Flannery: This book was a recent read and I quite liked it. I thought I wasn't going to be into it because it was developing very slow and I didn't really get the plot at first but than things started to settle for me. Its not a fave but it was not a waste of time.

Well thats all I've read so far and I'm already half way through with my next book and I lined up a couple after that. I don't know what to do after so please suggest some books to me and I'll check out their plots and if I like it than I'll have to read it. Anyways, hope you like this post and have a great weekend!

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